07-24-15 01:10 AM
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  1. dwane31's Avatar
    What is needed is when in BBM you should be able to select in over flow menu the option to call that person...not BBM voice chat I men like actually call them...it in the txt app..come on blackberry this is a communication tool is it not. Sometime when BBMing someone and trying to explain something ya just wanna call them...
    02-04-15 09:22 PM
  2. axe50's Avatar
    - Dark Hub
    - BlackBerry Protect full version like bbos
    - BlackBerry Guardian to tell you if an app that is being installed has services like Google play or api's that aren't available to bb10
    -ability to clear selective learned words. Currently it's all or nothing.
    - Camera focus time. Please for the love of God, fix it.
    - Task manager view that can kill running headless 3rd party apps
    - ability to clear data for any installed app. Too many apps leave gigs of data behind and there's no way for us to clean it up
    - functional active frames. Take a look at sailfish os for an example.
    - Docs to go needs an extreme make over. It's a decade behind in features that are needed.

    Posted via CB10
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    02-04-15 09:53 PM
  3. cool_beans's Avatar
    If I could just jumble up all the os's and pull out the best stuff, that would be my wish list.

    Posted via CB10
    02-04-15 10:12 PM
  4. anon(8063781)'s Avatar
    Sortable bookmarks in the browser.

    That's it. One thing.

    I just want to be able to reorganize the bookmarks: to move them up and down the list like you can in most browsers, including the old BBOS browser. And no, the tagging feature does not solve this problem.
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    02-04-15 10:27 PM
  5. muindor's Avatar
    I would settle for a functional proximity sensor! One that doesn't turn on in calls, hit buttons, and hang up on people!

    Posted via CB10

    And I would like the 10.2.1/10.2.2 calendar back with its growing numbers!!

    02-04-15 10:50 PM
  6. killkenny1's Avatar
    - Add Yourself As Contact
    - Share Multiple Photos at Once
    - Autosave Received Photos
    - Share Original Size Photo (option)
    I would also add a function to edit message.
    Other function I would like see is offline maps in native Maps application.
    02-05-15 06:45 AM
  7. LuayS's Avatar
    In addition

    Emojii keyboard (custom keyboards)
    Better voice to text / faster
    Grammar knowledge in word predictions
    Better android support (Google Play Services/Login)
    Widget support

    Posted via CB10
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    02-05-15 09:12 AM
  8. Romed's Avatar
    Ability to change application by swiping like PlayBook
    And ability to access dialer from lock screen

    No more pressing just swipe
    02-05-15 10:23 AM
  9. konta's Avatar
    - Adblock for browser
    - manage email downloads
    File manager shows hidden giles and android files. I have more than 2 gb of android aps dl files that i cannot see on the phone and sd card
    Contact birthdays automatically sync with calendar. All day event recurrent every year
    Events show in hub top lane without having to drag down
    Improve docs to go
    Android aps permission like bb aps permission or run them sandboxed
    Offline maps
    Easier copy/paste
    Trackpad editor app integrated in os
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    02-06-15 02:40 AM
  10. TurboArriba's Avatar
    I would really like to make some of the icons on my home screen invisible. I prefere one screen and not 2-3 with icons/apps I don't need.
    02-06-15 03:25 AM
  11. david7saad's Avatar
    Turn off/on sound when typing in dialer
    02-06-15 03:36 AM
  12. LostOnThePianoRoll's Avatar
    I'd like to see the dictionaries sorted out a little better. I can't understand how a word that is offered as a prediction would then be underlined as unrecognised. I would also love the ability to erase words from the dictionary. My repeated corrections don't seem to be sufficient for it to learn. Overall it's an excellent feature but it just needs a little more tweaking.

    Posted via CB10
    I noticed this happened to me when I had my display language as (English US) but input language as (English UK)

    Posted via CB10
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    02-06-15 03:52 AM
  13. jamesbondOO7's Avatar
    A calendar that does not change the time of all the appointments by one hour after restart.

    Posted via CB10 with my BlackBerry Passport
    02-06-15 04:01 AM
  14. muindor's Avatar
    - The calendar of 10.2.1 / 10.2.2!!

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    02-06-15 04:30 AM
  15. Joshu42's Avatar
    A calendar that does not change the time of all the appointments by one hour after restart.
    Check the timezone of your calendar...
    02-06-15 04:45 AM
  16. bER1Nry's Avatar
    -Q10/Q5: easy unlock code (4 digit pass code by use of on screen number pad)[I'm sorry but I don't care how many people say that the keyboard is easy enough. Its not. I've been using my Q10 for over a year and it hasn't gotten any more enjoyable]

    -Overall OS: Changeable FONTS. [I so very much miss this BlackBerry feature. Please bring it back!]

    | bER1Nry | on the |  Q10 |
    02-06-15 07:30 AM
  17. GSM-S's Avatar
    I would like to be able the browser's user agent temporarily. It would be great to finally access some sites without problems.

    Posted using the CB app on my Z10 (10.2.1)
    02-06-15 07:54 AM
  18. James St-Pierre's Avatar
    Screen time ! I would like to know in battery stats for how long the screen have been turned on..
    02-06-15 12:19 PM
  19. bhrhr77's Avatar
    Removable battery with new OS...

    You think it's possible. I miss it a lot =))
    02-06-15 02:19 PM
  20. chaosdivine's Avatar
    • BB7.1 like Traffic/Directions app that lets me see how congested my route was at a glance. I love, love, love this feature of BB Traffic OS 7.1. In fact, just port over the whole app but integrate BB 10 maps into it and I'll be super happy.
    • Auto shutdown and start-up of phone like OS 7.1 according to preset schedule. This is crazy to have omitted in BB 10! I dislike this the most about OS 10!!!!!
    • Revert the calendar appearance back to 10.2 with growing numbers and colored lines for how busy you are.
    • Improve Voice Assistant.
    • Sortable bookmarks in browser!!!! PlayBook sucked balls because of this...OS 10.3 STILL doesn't have this feature? COME ON MAN!
    • Be able to turn off auto dimming - I don't care how fancy your algorithm is, I want to TURN IT OFF!
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    02-06-15 03:29 PM
  21. Hobiano's Avatar
    i need to see icons box again with 10.3 i feel icons like android os, and we need a hug improvements for bb assistant his very slowly and ugly he cant understand 80% of my words
    02-06-15 03:33 PM
  22. Thinkersbluff's Avatar
    - Ability to increase size of font used in icon and folder labels (some of us are getting old and cannot read teeny tiny text any more. I had to trade up from z10 to Z30, with the introduction of 10.3.1)
    - Ability to use animated gift as wallpaper
    - Dark Hub
    - landscape mode for home screen

    Posted via CB10
    02-06-15 05:01 PM
  23. primusd's Avatar
    Contact app definitely needs some serious love!!

    Offline maps

    Ability to hide icons

    Setting to stop (****ty) stock music app taking over my phone after connecting w bluetooth in car

    Ability to share individual fields from a contact

    Ability to adjust flashlight brightness, and directly from quick settings

    Posted by CB10, with the sweet, natural sounds of clickety, click, click!
    02-06-15 09:00 PM
  24. Velocitymj's Avatar
    How about finally FIXING the Calendar so that it retains dates until manually deleted.
    And finally FIXING the Contact app so that it syncs Contact Groups with your computer , instead of our having to build them manually.
    Then they could FIX the Backup program in BlackBerry Link so that it backs up EVERYTHING, instead of leaving out 3rd part apps
    And they could bring back "Selective Sync" like we had with BlackBerry Desktop.
    And maybe the could finally fix the camera so that it takes quality photos, instead of mediocre ones.

    Posted via Q10 CB10
    Last edited by Velocitymj; 02-07-15 at 07:58 PM.
    02-07-15 12:40 AM
  25. shrirang44's Avatar
    An update that arrives within a month of its announcement!

    Posted via CB10
    02-07-15 02:15 AM
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