1. 604nambo's Avatar
    Maps is incorrect the majority of the time. Have to resort to Google maps.
    Would be nice for it to be accurate.

    Posted via CB10
    03-02-15 05:36 PM
  2. conite's Avatar
    Depends where you are I guess.

    Tom Tom provides the data.

    03-02-15 05:38 PM
  3. Powdah's Avatar
    They need to contract with Here Mapping to port their adroid app to BB. Then we would have an "enterprise" ready mapping system.
    03-02-15 05:43 PM
  4. gebco's Avatar
    I'm finding BB Maps to be better with the update. It does a better job of finding POI.
    03-02-15 10:09 PM
  5. 604nambo's Avatar
    I live in vancouver bc. BlackBerry maps always leads me to the middle of no where or completely wrong part of town. After the last incident which took place last week confirmed with me that Google maps is going to be my primary one. BlackBerry maps is crap. Which is sad to say

    Posted via CB10
    03-15-15 06:48 PM
  6. MuchoZzz's Avatar
    BB maps are very slow... I find them just for checking out where places are, not for any other issue. :/
    03-15-15 07:07 PM
  7. gizmou's Avatar
    I really like the maps app. I use it in my car all the time, and I think its a lot faster than it used to be. And one killer feature I havent seen before is that it pronounces the street names correctly in German (I live in Switzerland).

    Posted via CB10
    der_mit likes this.
    03-15-15 07:20 PM
  8. der_mit's Avatar
    BlackBerry maps, works great for me, love it.

    Posted via CB10
    03-15-15 08:19 PM
  9. pogly2's Avatar
    I find BlackBerry maps very good for driving directions in B.C. Including lower mainland. Very happy with maps

    Posted via CB10
    der_mit likes this.
    03-15-15 09:04 PM
  10. YeemanBB's Avatar
    BlackBerry Maps is a microcosm of what troubles the company. Its brilliance is often misunderstood and its products criticized.

    It is difficult to fathom comments that BlackBerry Maps fails to deliver the basis navigation function of taking someone from point A to point B, assuming the GPS is functioning and the map data provided by TomTom are accurate. At the same time, I also have no cause to doubt the veracity of these comments.

    Let me provide a real instance of my recent experience. We were going to Hollywood Beach in Florida southbound on A1A. When near our destination, I notice the traffic on northbound A1A was totally jammed up due to construction. When we left to head back, we turned on BlackBerry Maps. I told my wife who was driving to go southbound on A1A to avoid the northbound traffic regardless what the BlackBerry Maps was going to say. We can back track on a parallel route later. To my surprise, BlackBerry Maps' instruction was also to go southbound, opposite to the direction of my destination. The reason is that I have turned on "use traffic enhanced routing" and BlackBerry Maps responded with a route that was appropriate for the traffic condition. Had I not known the traffic was jammed northbound, I would have drawn the same conclusion that BlackBerry Maps is crap. It gave me a route direction opposite to where I want to go.

    All I want to say is to give it a fair shake before you give up on it. For 4 years. I used BlackBerry Traffic and now BlackBerry Maps to navigate the traffic through 401 in Toronto every day. After driving the same route for more than 15 years, they even surprise me with routes that I have never known before. For avoiding traffic, these apps are second to none.

    Posted via CB10
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    03-15-15 10:08 PM
  11. medic22003's Avatar
    I thought it was crap at first because I missed all the views like satellite that I had on Google maps. Then after some trial and error with different apps I got be maps pro and got my different map views back along with a pretty accurate turn by turn navigator. It's off once in awhile but it's not bad.

    Posted via CB10
    03-15-15 10:50 PM
  12. Overlake's Avatar
    Pos compared to what's avail on android and ios

    Posted via CB10
    03-15-15 11:48 PM
  13. meqdadi's Avatar
    What I don't like on the BlackBerry map application is missing the ability to export my favourite list. Or import my poi from other source.

    Meqdadi by my lovely BlackBerry passport
    03-16-15 02:41 AM
  14. 1Criz's Avatar
    As I said previously, there are different "versions" of BlackBerry maps, depending on your country.
    Apparently in USA and CAN they are pretty capable.
    In my country they are not. Data are poor and to add insult to injury, last few months I got error "Couldn't connect to server. Error 2001" every time I try to select any searched location, if the location itself is not POI. So for example "police station at New Street 5, City " works, but "New Street 5, City" not. This renders BlackBerry maps unusable.

    Posted via CB10
    03-16-15 10:01 AM
  15. VinLou's Avatar
    I concur, it need a major overhaul. Drop Tom Tom for something better I guess

    Posted via CB10
    03-16-15 10:04 AM
  16. RubberChicken76's Avatar
    In Canada, I would find "BlackBerry Maps is wrong the majority of the time" to be a questionable statement. I haven't had an issue really and have used it in many provinces and cities in Canada. I do wish it had some more advanced features, but I also find it has nice touches like alerting me when an accident is up ahead.

    I have also had the experience of using it in a country where it has either poor or no data. But Canada and the USA do not fit that in my experience.
    03-16-15 10:24 AM
  17. ClassicSwe's Avatar
    BlackBerry maps works poorly in Sweden, cannot give me voice directions and I really would like another view, not from above as it is now but more 3D so you can see driving direction etc. As for pronouncing names of streets, well since voice guidance doesn't work I don't know if it can pronounce the names. To bad since it forces me to keep my old phone (iphone) on just for the navigon apps sake.

    Posted via the cutest little fantastic phone ever!
    03-16-15 10:30 AM
  18. Powdah's Avatar
    Really would like to see them contract with Here Mapping for mapping services. Second choice would be with Mireo's new Genius Mapping (uses Here Maps) which ha to be side loaded, but seems to be on the right track.
    03-16-15 10:53 AM
  19. vbdwork's Avatar
    After few critical ridiculous BlackBerry Maps mistakes I just put the app in my unused apps folder and I'm done with it.
    03-16-15 03:02 PM

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