1. ehroberts's Avatar
    I use BlackBerry maps often. I find it works better than the iPhone map app.

    Using BlackBerry maps on z30 and observe that the app takes a long time to update. For example, on turn by turn navigation, if you make a turn, it takes the phone /app a long time to recognize that You actually made a turn, redraw your location on map and update directions.

    Can anything be done on the device to optimize or fine tune how the maps operates.


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    03-15-15 10:55 AM
  2. YeemanBB's Avatar
    I am not aware of any setting in BlackBerry Maps that allows for fine tuning the response time. Even if there is, it would be difficult to set the appropriate sensitivity due to the constant changes in the GPS accuracy. A hypersensitive setting would cause BlackBerry Maps to do a recalculation due to the GPS losing its accuracy temporarily even you have not deviated from the route. This would cause total confusion.

    The time to do a recalculation is also a function of the route options that you choose and the server traffic. Obviously, if you have a long route, the route option is set to "fastest", and it is at the rush hours, the recalculation would take much longer.

    I have been using BlackBerry Maps quite extensively and I often force a recalculation in traffic. The response time is good for me. I do find the response time is better when the recalculation is forced than when I deviate from the route. This makes sense because BlackBerry Maps need to wait to be sure that I have indeed deviated.

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    03-15-15 01:32 PM
  3. Joshu42's Avatar
    If you use it in your car, remember that the thin layer which protect you from infrared (and so heat) is not GPS friendly. With the rest of the car, you're still in a big Faraday cage...

    Car constructor let a small window at the bottom left of the windshield for that purpose.
    03-15-15 04:04 PM
  4. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    He's right keep your phone in the top half of your passenger compartment.

    I was using BlackBerry Maps just yesterday and it gave me the exactly-right perfectly-timed voice guidance as I was navigating a complex freeway interchange. I'm impressed with how good it is.

    For me, it's been consistently accurate in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Spain, the Netherlands and Turkey.

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    03-15-15 07:52 PM

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