04-16-17 11:33 AM
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  1. pneumasax's Avatar
    Bob03sue. What's a Windows reset vs. a reinstallation of Windows? Can't afford to loose windows work etc.

    Posted via CB10
    09-18-16 09:29 AM
  2. ruggedp's Avatar
    Google translated the post as "it's iTunes that is the problem":

    "Well ,, I speak French. I have a Mac Pro (assigned by the BUG) and a MacBook Pro under Windows 10 that had not undergone recent last day.
    My MacBook was not affected by this fault and Blackberry Link are not planted - so I could make a backup of my Passsport.
    I made the Windows update the latest (that of yesterday, I believe, and is quoted in the forum) and everything worked again! So Windows is not to blame.
    Pleased with me, I then updated various software watching their impact for each of them ... including iTunes and this is the version compatible with WINDOWS OS10 is involved and planted Blacklerry link .. Delete iTunes does not change ANYTHING! Blackberry Link continues to grow.

    However a series of action puts everything in place and is a solution until patches:
    - Restore system to an earlier date, then remove iTunes with IObit unintaller deep cleansing ... then remove the programs related to Apple's iTune ...
    - Then with CCCLEANER do the big clean uninstall and with the same rigor (IObit unintaller) Blackberry Link puiis reboot and reinstall the more "BlackBerryDesktopSoftware_1.2.0.52_B59

    Everything works again then! I spent the night on it. It must be possible to reinstall the previous version of iTunes. Good day and translate it in English, I am a bit lazy this time with a night search."
    09-18-16 10:41 AM
  3. bob03sue's Avatar
    Hello ruggedp that is very interesting after I did my windows reset I reinstalled iTunes and Blackberry Link is working fine. I will note what you said thankyou very much and wait and see if the problems happen again
    09-18-16 03:11 PM
  4. bob03sue's Avatar
    Windows Reset reinstalls Windows and keeps all your files but you will have to reinstall your apps. It took me a few hours to get things back to normal.
    09-18-16 03:15 PM
  5. pneumasax's Avatar
    Yeah, the problem is I have no idea where dics are for some of my "apps.".

    Posted via CB10
    09-18-16 03:26 PM
  6. bob03sue's Avatar
    Mmmm only you can decide on that, good luck
    09-18-16 04:49 PM
  7. Totoleheros's Avatar
    I am not 100% sure but specially not update Itune for windows (last for IOS10) even after windows Reset. I have change Itune for Clementine. For user on MACOSX any problem affect Blackberry link.
    09-18-16 06:14 PM
  8. Totoleheros's Avatar
    Allo, je veux dire " point de restauration antrieur la date de mise jour de ITUNE " Take your PC Back to an Earlier Date with System Restore.
    09-19-16 04:38 AM
  9. jlamince's Avatar
    Bonjour, je suis ravie que ce soit en franais que la solution ce problme ait t trouve. Merci !!!! Je suis franaise de Paris, et je cherche depuis trois jours la solution, j'ai Windows 10 , Itunes et Blackberry et en France ce trio semble ne pas beaucoup exister; Je suis sur le site de Blackberry Addicts franais o j'avais post 'Blackberry link a cess de fonctionner' et je n'avais comme seule rponse utile celle de Crackberry. Pour l'instant je sauvegarde mon Windows actuel sur un disque externe, je vais ensuite suivre ta solution. Si je comprends bien, la fin, je pourrai rappliquer ma sauvegarde.
    09-19-16 04:47 AM
  10. bob03sue's Avatar
    Hello again ruggedp you are correct it is the ITunes update!!!!!!!
    09-19-16 05:42 AM
  11. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Hello again ruggedp you are correct it is the ITunes update!!!!!!!
    I never had iTunes installed on my W10 PC, and cannot connect. Z30 does charge.
    09-19-16 06:33 AM
  12. azum4u's Avatar
    I have windows 7 running on Macbook pro using bootcamp. Yesterday when i tried opening Link it crashed and i have uninstall and reinstall it twice already without success. After reading here about iTunes possibly being the cause i just uninstall my iTunes. Link still crashes.

    So likely iTunes not the issue.
    09-20-16 01:31 AM
  13. bob03sue's Avatar
    Would you believe it happened again and on two computers, no Blackberry Link again, I truly give up!!!!! After nearly 14 years of supporting Blackberry I really feel it is time for a change
    09-20-16 03:51 AM
  14. Mary3519's Avatar
    I uninstalled iTunes and all is well with Blackberry Link. Tried installing an older version of iTunes but that didn't work. So I am without iTunes but at least Blackberry Link is working fine. Thinking about buying a bare bones laptop just to run iTunes.
    09-20-16 06:11 AM
  15. G_B_R's Avatar
    While we wait for BlackBerry to do an update on BlackBerry Link after the recent Windows 10 update, there is an alternative. It's CompanionLink (for the desktop/laptop) and Deja Office and Deja Hiub for the BlackBerry. This works very well for syncing Outlook contacts, calendar, and tasks with BlackBerry. It just takes two steps to sync with BlackBerry native contacts, calendar, and tasks. It isn't that expensive, and who knows when BlackBerry will get around to doing an update of BlackBerry Link to make it compatible with the recent Windows 10 update?
    09-20-16 03:59 PM
  16. bob03sue's Avatar
    Hello Mary3519 I removed iTunes but still no joy Blackberry Link Will not open, any thoughts would be appreciated very much
    09-20-16 08:42 PM
  17. Mary3519's Avatar
    So that stinks. I'm trying to think what else I did. I rebooted of course after removing iTunes. I also did a "system restore" to a few days ago, prior to the last set of automatic Microsoft 10 updates. That didn't seem to make a difference at the time by itself. And I think the next time I restarted, the updates were reinstalled, but not sure. Doesn't seem to be a way to stop Microsoft 10 from updating.
    09-20-16 09:31 PM
  18. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    I had the issue on 1511. Device manager showed, but no connection. Tried using task manager to close all BlackBerry and RIM programs, tried rebooting the phone, and the PC. No joy. Tried running the upgrade to anniversary edition 1607, since I had nothing to lose. Still no joy, nor device manager showing. Now removing Link, Blend and drivers, rebooting and attempting from scratch. I'll update this post, if my head withstands the wall impact.

    See 2 posts down for update
    09-20-16 09:39 PM
  19. bob03sue's Avatar
    Thank you all for your help I appreciate it very much
    09-20-16 09:49 PM
  20. Exoskell256's Avatar
    Don't forget to check if your USB cable is good. For some reason my Q10 won't show up in Link with some of my cables.

    FWIW I'm using Win 10 64-bit, version 1607 and Link is working for me (with the right cable, anyways).
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    09-20-16 10:02 PM
  21. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    I agree, it's critical to try a good cable and other ports first!

    Ok, I have a positive update
    At least for now

    After removing everything and rebooting the PC, I decided to connect before installing Link again. This prompted the connection box on my Z30, and I chose to install the drivers. Once they had installed, I had the phone showing as a CD drive in "My PC". I clicked it, even though it showed zero bytes, and that gave me a pop up to install Link, Blend and drivers. I accepted of course, and unchecked Blend since I don't use it, though I can't imagine that made any difference. Others can validate the relevance. Link and drivers installed. The internal and SD now showed as accessible through the USB (I never had a problem with my mapped Wi-Fi drives), and of most importance, Link connected.

    Obviously, I have no idea how long this will last, but at least (I hope), there is a palatable solution if it happens again.

    G_d I pray this helps more people than me!
    09-20-16 10:18 PM
  22. rfid1998's Avatar
    I had the same issue. I do not iTunes. I uninstalled BlackBerry desktop completely from my computer. After restart I found the latest available version for drivers, link and blend and installed those. Before signing in on Link I changed my password via my Q10. Then I signed in and desktop connected to my Q10.
    I did the password change as I had been unsuccessful in the past. It is oof the suggestions BlackBerry makes in their Help menu

    Posted via CB10
    09-24-16 06:12 PM
  23. azum4u's Avatar
    Still not working for me. I am on Windows 7. I have deinstalled itunes so no itunes anymore. Yet can't open Blackberry Link.
    09-25-16 12:50 AM
  24. brockwayent's Avatar
    I had tried uninstalling & reinstalling blackberry 10 desktop software (link + drivers only) multiple times without any luck. It always crashed. After reading this thread, I tried 2 new things which currently has blackberry link running again:
    1. uninstalled iTunes
    2. Did a silent install of bb link.

    Here are the steps I followed:

    I used ccleaner to uninstall:
    - iTunes
    - Blackberry 10 Desktop Software

    I went to these folders and deleted any folders with 'Blackberry', 'Research In Motion', 'Apple', 'Apple Computer' or 'iTunes'
    Warning! This will delete settings and programs. You will lose your iTunes library & more, so be careful!

    In ccleaner, under 'Registry' I scanned an fixed any issues.
    In ccleaner, under 'Cleaner', I did "Run Cleaner".

    I made sure my blackberry was disconnected from PC

    I restarted the PC.

    In ccleaner, under 'Registry' I scanned an fixed any issues (again).
    In ccleaner, under 'Cleaner', I did "Run Cleaner" (again).

    I did a quiet/silent install of just blackberry link and drivers using BlackBerryDesktopSoftware_1.2.0.52_B59.exe as per: How to install BlackBerry Link without installing BlackBerry Blend using silent install

    Waited about 5 minutes and noticed blackberry link shortcut on desktop.

    Started up blackberry link and it doesn't crash.

    Connected blackberry 10 phone and it is recognized by Blackberry Link. I lost all settings though. Still works after restarting computer.
    Last edited by brockwayent; 09-26-16 at 11:23 AM.
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    09-26-16 09:42 AM
  25. freakinvibe's Avatar
    There seem to be 2 issues with Blackberry Link:

    1) Blackberry Link crashes on startup of Link

    2) Link starts fine, but when you connect your BB10 device via USB, it is not recognized by Link.

    I had problem 2). It happened when I installed iTunes Here is how I solved it on Windows 10:

    Uninstall iTunes
    Uninstall Apple Application Support (32-Bit)
    Uninstall Apple Application Support (64-Bit)
    Uninstall Apple Mobile Device Support
    Uninstall Apple Software Update
    Uninstall Bonjour
    Uninstall Blackberry Link

    Restart your computer

    Install Blackberry Link (Just the Drivers and Blackberry Link, not Blend). File name:

    It worked for me afterwards. I am a happy bunny. You just can't have iTunes and Link on the same computer anymore.
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    09-27-16 02:32 AM
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