1. nucks26's Avatar
    I recently bought a macbook pro and when i connected my Q10 with Link for Mac, all my music went right into iTunes which was amazing!!

    Problem is my music on my phone is all unorganized with no artist fields, and the song field will include the artist if that makes sense. Like the name of my song will be, "Rise Against- I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore.". So i spent some time editing all of this in iTunes to organize it. Now if I re sync my music from iTunes to my Q10 through link, will it erase everything on it and replace it with my organized music? (which is what I want). Or will I have 200 duplicate songs.

    Posted via CB10 for Q10
    09-26-14 01:48 PM
  2. Outrunner's Avatar
    That's a great question. I don't use iTunes anymore, but I have a similar program. Anyway, when I sync after editing, I end up with duplicates. I don't know if the variable of the program change matters, but my two cents.
    09-26-14 05:35 PM

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