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    Okay, so Link has never been the greatest piece of software, but this is beyond pissing me off. I have ADD. My phone is my lifeline when it comes to keeping track of appointments and such. I'm busy in the evenings, so I tend to throw in calendar appointments into Outlook and sync away. However, even previous to a recent switch to Windows 10, my phone suddenly decided to stop backing up and syncing via Link. I have a Z10. It. Will. Not. $#@!ing. Sync!

    The backup portion concerns me less, but it would be handy if I were to have some sort of catastrophic issue with my phone.

    I've searched high and low on the Internet and apparently I seem to be the only guy having this issue other than the thread posted here. I've uninstalled Link and reinstalled it and even cleaned out my registry before reinstalling. No dice. I've freed up some room on the phone itself since I've been getting 'device almost full' warnings. I signed out of BlackBerry in Link and back in, without any luck. I've removed the device from Link and now Link doesn't even show it as being connected. I've also checked to see if BlackBerry Blend works and of course, it does! Lastly, I've sworn a lot. A LOT! This is causing me grief because it's much easier to pump something in Outlook's calendar via typing than on a tiny phone.

    Interestingly Windows sees the physical phone as drives and I can directly access them that way, but that's it. In Link it's permanently saying that my Z10 is disconnected from my computer, but obviously it's not.

    01-09-16 03:51 AM
  2. dualpassport's Avatar
    I have also had unresolvable synching issues with no apparent cause.

    The only was to solve was to wipe the phone calender and contacts and undertake a one way sync from Outlook.

    Currently everything is fine on Windows 10 but I 'ration' myself to synching once a week

    Posted via CB10
    01-09-16 05:00 AM
  3. loopdokter's Avatar
    I should also add that it appears the drivers crash Windows 10 periodically too. I get a blue screen of death when I try to reboot and my phone is plugged into my computer. Without it, all is fine.
    01-09-16 03:31 PM

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