1. Eduard Pertinez's Avatar
    I found a huge problem with an upgrade I did lately. I tryied to Backup my phone, wipe it and restore everything but settings, but I couldn't restore. Restoration process didn't pass 0%.

    After some researching I found some tips but I would like you to use this thread to add up all info we have for the Backup process.

    Here you have some info:

    TIP 1: a) Backup files are zip files. They have 5 files on them:


    If there is an error in one of them (as it was my case) the restoration process fails with no useful error (in fact, no error in OSX).

    TIP 1.1: If there is an error in the zip file so the process cannot restore all the data, you may workaround the problem making partial restorations. In my case I have the error in Media and I managed to restore Settings (only) and then Apps (only) in this order.

    TIP 1.2: If you downgrade your system the restoration can fail. Look at the forums, but you can unlock the problem editing the Manifest.xml file inside of .bbb

    TIP 2: b) Some says there are weird errors if you don't have logged in your BB account before trying to restore/Backup.

    TIP 3: c) Tar files inside the .bbb (zip) file are not tar files. They are encripted and, as long as I know, both the code used to unencrypt it and the method used are obfuscated.

    QUESTION 1: Does anybody knows what method BlackBerry uses to encrypt the file and how can we decrypt it? We may want to restore ONLY a file, for example. Or we may not have the phone anymore,... there are lots of situations on witch decripting the file could be useful. In my case, the file media.tar is supposed to be wrong, but if I manage to uncompress it partially I may save the info even when the process do not work.

    QUESTION 2: Does anybody knows WHAT EXACTLY Blackberry saves in those encrypted tars? That' I think, is important. It can help to figure out what can I be loosing from one Backup to the other. What dirs do they backup?

    QUESTION 3: I am not certain I had errors in my HDD backup. I feel the problem was created by the backup process itself. I had some +4GB movie in my phone before backing up. Does anybody know if having so long files in the phone fs can cause problems generating the tar or the zip? My error is extracting the zip.

    IN GENERAL: Does anybody knows any other info that can help people recuperate their data from bbb?
    10-03-15 06:15 AM
  2. Eduard Pertinez's Avatar
    Is there anybody there that knows something about the backup process? I don't understand how BB is trying to be seen a a security firm and not having the BlackBerry Link backup process clearly documented. That is senseless.
    10-06-15 02:33 AM
  3. Eduard Pertinez's Avatar
    Plain silence
    10-07-15 10:42 AM
  4. Joshu42's Avatar
    The absence of an answer is an answer by itself...

    Question 1 : No
    Question 2 : If full backup, system settings and all the user space.
    Question 3 : No
    In general : We don't know how the backup is build, encrypted fs img or regular tar ? The sure thing is that the password is probably linked to your BBID in a way or another.
    10-07-15 11:09 AM
  5. Eduard Pertinez's Avatar
    There are 3 independent tar files and I think only a fs, so I'd bet it is not an img. Anyway the point is being able to access the data inside the backup. As long as I know, that is what a backup is made of all around.
    Thanks for replying Joshu42!
    10-09-15 04:33 AM

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