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    According to a recent report, it seems that Samsung is trying to streamline your interactions on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 6. In order to have a hub for all of your notifications, Samsung is working on an app called Samsung Focus.

    From within the app, you will be able to view all of your emails, calendar events and contacts, and interact with them from one place. This may sound familiar, and if it does, itís thanks to BlackBerry Hub, which acted in the same way on BlackBerry 10.

    This is from the report about how the Samsung Focus app works:

    ďThe main screen will be where all the important events are found, with a list of your plans for the day, for the coming days, and even for the days already gone by. For example, you could see a reminder for a meeting later in the day, followed by an email sent by one of your contacts over the last few days. Users will be able to add calendar entries and manage invites, and also create memos to remind them of tasks they need to complete. A dedicated contacts page will put all the emails, messages and calendar invites from a particular contact under their contact details.Ē

    The report also states that Samsung Focus features a clean and modern UI, which would be a welcome change up from what TouchWiz and Samsung stock apps usually have.

    It makes sense for Samsung to launch something like this alongside THE productivity device, the Galaxy Note 6. We can expect to see the Galaxy Note 6 released within the next few months, but hopefully this Samsung Focus app comes to fruition and makes it way out to the masses who are rocking Samsungís current phones.


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