1. snihed's Avatar
    My company recently switched to iPhones as standard issue devices (sucks) and 3 weeks is enough to say I hate it. iOS' unified mailbox is okay but it doesn't provide me the ease of use of using the Hub -- gestures, sent items, attachments -- all in one place rather than different separate folders for everything (lol they call it smart folders). And that's just for email -- no twitter, fb, or any other social accounts in one place. Hell, I just found out you can't even attach anything in the stock mail app! To add to my frustrations, iOS also doesn't have a unified file folder for all you documents (local, sd, cloud). Why is this even considered for corporate use, I have no idea...

    Before you guys say anything, let me tell you that the app choices in this platform is overwhelming! That's coming from a BB user since 2006. So that's going well for me -- except this is not a personal device but a work phone. Sorry went all over the place but going back to main question, what are your thoughts about BB creating a paid HUB app cross platform? Is it even possible? Will you pay for it? (I sure will)
    11-21-14 03:33 AM
  2. Craig Abernethy's Avatar
    I think for the Hub to work the way it does in BB10, where it isn't an app but a feature of the OS, there would have to be some heavy updates to iOS/Android OS in order to make it work. Which I can't see happening.

    It is a good idea, I just don't think it's practical.

    Posted via CB10
    11-21-14 03:37 AM
  3. snihed's Avatar
    I know. Still sucks though. How i wanted to have had the choice of getting the passport or the classic instead...
    11-21-14 03:55 AM
  4. bakron1's Avatar
    I think the Hub as a paid app would well on both the Apple IOS and Android platforms. BlackBerry is a software solutions company and this could add some extra revenue for them?

    Sent from my lovely passport on T Mobile USA
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    11-21-14 05:37 AM
  5. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    I'd use it.

    It would face competition, though.
    11-21-14 07:03 AM
  6. baggins15's Avatar
    In the same boat as the OP. Not a bad idea at all.

    P.S. Took a while to learn but you can attach files in iOS email. Not as straightforward as BlackBerry though.

    Posted with my BlackBerry Q10 to CB10
    11-21-14 07:20 AM
  7. ymb's Avatar
    If I would use an iPhone or Android device I would definitely purchase it

    11-21-14 07:33 AM
  8. Jimberry Storm's Avatar
    can you just use your own?
    11-21-14 07:42 AM

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