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    They only made three types of hardware layouts for their hardware "qwerty" phones, correct?

    BB10 is sort of like the Dvorak which is scientifically proven more efficient with much less finger movement because it was designed that way. Once learned to use it of course!

    QWERTY = in this way as less optimized is android but here to stay because? Government, any other reasons I am open to? Luck, who knows...

    QWERTY was only created (adopted) because people liked the glamor on a typewriter of the extra movement and banging around "sounds" but mostly to intentionally slow down users at typing when the typewriter was still king (original typewriter) and the arms of the typewriter would clang into each other (jammed) if one was to type to fast or have the keys in the home row used one after another so qwerty is actually made less efficient only for back then to be in a hardware way, more efficient but in since we no longer have that issue DVORAK makes more sense minus the learning curve?

    This is what I've read thus far and been learning which is interesting. I know there are others as in workman which I am curious of and will read into. As of now it seems dvorak is most sensible minus the fact that it's not mostly standard. For faster typing (once learned) with less finger movement whilst qwerty is the opposite.

    I am going to see if anybody made any other keyboard layouts that are aimed directly at the modern day smartphone for efficiency in as moving your fingers as least as possible for most words as in percentages for the English language. Dvorak still seems to allign with today for this especially over qwerty which is actually The opposite although does that in turn help us drop our phones less or more?... I dunno.. I know dvorak has right handed only and left handed only versions to text with though..

    Anybody out there use it or something other?..

    As far as I know qwertz and or azerty is just a qwerty layout basically of the old days so doesn't really count like DVORAK does...

    Wonder why BlackBerry never came up with the idea to create there hardware keys as clear with a cheaper black screen behind it to change the hardware keys as if it was software and UT costs of productions for other areas or even appeal to the more obscure of users.

    It might of cost more but overall between making different, types you would think it would at least even out if not save them costs..

    Anybody use dvorak or workman? I am going to check workman out now. I suppose not as one thing android does have over BB10 is the ability to swap keyboards. Although with that said whilst on an android I immediately switch to blackberry's version. Have to have that swipe up and especially the delete by swiping backwards.


    If you dunno, check this you tube logic out:

    The fact that he even factored in "Rhythm" is amazing. However is this a disadvantage (or advantage) on mobiles when it comes to dropped phones or one handed quick typing.. I suppose that is a whole other science project for someone much wiser then myself.

    Without testing Colemak looks the most sensible to me (first glance) for least travel but I dunno. I'd be willing to try them.

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    Dvorak is optimized for when you can have four fingers of each hand on the home row. You don't type with your fingers on the home row with a mobile device; the keyboard is too small. Most people just use their thumbs or index fingers. This is probably why Dvorak isn't a standard option. It's not necessarily better with a mobile device. QWERTY is a standard format known by many, so it's easy to say the keyboard is QWERTY versus AZERTY, for example. People know what they're getting.

    As for displays underneath keys to make them reconfigurable, that's been thought of already, patents dating back to the mid-80's. Look up the Optimus keyboards, which cost $1600 USD. There's no way this would "even out if not save them costs". People can't even stomach the cost of BlackBerry's now, when they have to deal with low volumes.
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