01-06-17 10:21 PM
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  1. microboi's Avatar
    Like most people here, I've been a fan of pkb forever. Started with a sidekick2, then to my first blackberry, the 8700. Went to tmobile g1 because blackberry was hitting its low points with the storm. Then g2, another beautiful slider. At this point I thought it was android or ios, and I was sticking with android because I assumed iphones will never come out with pkb phones. I was right. Tried the touchscreen only thing with HTC One and while I loved it's speakers, I really couldn't get over typing on the screen. After a year, I bought a BlackBerry Bold 9900 and the rest is history.

    Q10 to the classic and now a passport.

    I tried the priv for a couple of weeks, but it made me realize that I missed the simplicity of bb10 vs bb's complex Launcher.

    I probably have the least amount of emails to answer than most BlackBerry users, but I really just care about the pkb. I came back to the BlackBerry because of the keyboard, but I stayed cause of bb10.

    I just turned 30, and am amongst my peers as the one who stuck with pkbs and it makes me proud
    12-24-16 05:41 AM
  2. baruman's Avatar
    It is such a pain and stress for me when I use one of my fiends' phones that have android or ios!!! The experience with the keyboard have simply no comparison.

    Although this can be a taste thing, I find the ads in android a terrible shortcoming and battery drain on devices that have it.

    Maybe it's going to be just a dream, but I'm hoping blackberry will keep developing blackberry 10. Blackberry could let the users choose what operating system they want to install on their devices, either android or bb10.

    I hope BlackBerry mercury comes with bb10

    Posted via CB10
    You know they quit the handset business this week right? It will soon be very much over except for enterprise software.
    12-24-16 09:58 AM
  3. grimlok's Avatar
    I think it's not that BB10 is more productive, it's that it is easier to be that way. I think the hub is the main reason for that. Having all communications going to one area is awesome. Also, having the option not to use a cloud, and be able to access the phone from a computer through blend is wonderful. The idea of cloud-based computing has never been a good idea as far as security is concerned. For convenience it is great. Just ask the celebrities... so I too will be sticking with my Classic, which is my first Smartphone, until it dies. I chose Blackberry 10 because it was the easiest and made the most sense among all the other OS's, and I haven't regretted it.

    Posted via CB10
    12-24-16 10:29 AM
  4. Blacklatino's Avatar
    Hi everyone; I own a bb10(q10) on 10.3.2. Despite all the news and drama around blackberry and the bb10 os. I, a diehard BlackBerry user WILL STILL buy a BlackBerry device till the very last straw.

    I went to a store today to get the passport SE, the sales rep try to sway me to another platform with the whatsapp issue but the "blackberry-ness" in me wouldn't allow that.

    I will continue to use bb10 device till all apps (androids) give up. Lets enjoy what we have, BlackBerry has tried for the bb10 platform. The ship might be sinking but she's still beautiful nonetheless. Until she no longer moves, am locked on this platform like a dog with a bone.

    Lets all spread the love for BlackBerry 10. If you cant stand bb10 because you need "major" apps, you can go android. I just cant stand android app's ad-ware. Sooner or later will switch platform but that day isnt today.

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    As long as you are happy with your BB device, you shoudn't care what others are using. Basically, this is all that matters. Also, you are not alone. ☮
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    12-25-16 11:02 AM
  5. Anilu7's Avatar
    I now swap between iOS and BlackBerry 10 (Passport SE). I lose emails on the iPhone and see them immediately on the Passport. BlackBerry 10 is the most efficient OS ever built. It's a damn shame that it wasn't promoted by carriers and accepted by the general public. BlackBerry Support is still awesome and I'll still use the Passport until it dies. If TCL markets a BlackBerry 10 phone I'll buy it but I never could stomach the clutter that is Android.
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    12-26-16 12:10 PM
  6. 78DoubleK's Avatar
    Same here, when my Leap died (drowned), I was hesitant which device to get next? Was thinking of Priv or DTEK50, PRIV looked much better but still couldn't stand the idea of using Android on a daily basis, so took a shot and bought a Passport. Loving it so far, still fine tuning it with the apks I used to have.

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    01-01-17 08:29 AM
  7. habibvalil's Avatar
    I am not a native English speaker and I can not express in words how much I love BlackBerry10, Both on my lovely old Z10 which is still alive and on my new incredible Passport. I enjoy your enthusiastic words about BlackBerry 10.

    I have a deep feeling that BlackBerry 10 will not die. It is struggling with short time defeats only. Defeats do not mean permanent failure.
    So do not get prepared to get drown in Titanic.

    >Passport is a once life opportunity. <
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    01-01-17 09:44 AM
  8. menshawy's Avatar
    I broke my Z30 LCD so I thought it might be a chance to take the leap and go droid. Bought a Nexus and had it for couple of days but I missed BB10.. returned the Nexus and found a used Passport and bought it. The seller was a fraud, he gave me a faulty Passport and I only discovered it later (money wasted). So I ordered a new LCD but it was a dev variant I guess it came without frame. Someone else would get fed up, and I almost did. But finally I got the correct LCD and now my Z30 is back to life and I'm happy! Except for the loss of money for that faulty Passport

    Posted via CB10
    01-01-17 11:19 AM
  9. RichardHBB's Avatar
    There's lots of BB10 devices and parts out there available from trusted sources. The temptation to save a buck is very strong especially when you're buying "obsolete" equipment, but a good deal on bad items isn't a good deal. I get my parts from etradesupply and pick OEM only (grade S+). My BB10 devices have come directly from the AT&T store for my Z10's, shopblackberry for my Z30's, and finally Amazon (fulfilled by Amazon) for my PP SE's.

    01-01-17 01:25 PM
  10. rthonpm's Avatar
    A mobile device is as much of a tool as a screwdriver. There are plenty of different types of screwdrivers and different people have different preferences for them. My Classic still let's me do everything I need for running my business on the go therefore I don't see a reason to change right now. Even my PlayBook still allows me to do the things I initially bought it for close to five years ago (media, ebooks, PDF reader, SSH, Remote Desktop).

    Eventually there will come a time where an upgrade makes sense, just as it did from BBOS to BB10, or Windows XP to Windows 7, etc. When that time comes, I'll examine my options, and if BlackBerry is still pushing out devices then if they meet my requirements I'll likely purchase one. If not, then I'll remember them fondly and hope that whatever I use then offers the same longevity.

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    01-03-17 07:26 AM
  11. RockyRodger's Avatar
    As proof that I am BlackBerry all the way, I just purchased a z30. Coming from a Q5 + Android, I never felt so at home here! The screen and the heft of the phone is just right.

    With the recent security issues on Android devices, I think I'll hang around with BlackBerry for a very long time.

    Posted via the awesome  BlackBerry Z30 on
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    01-06-17 10:21 PM
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