1. Vik Dex's Avatar
    Hi everybody,

    usually I activate my anonymous caller id for my business phone.
    There are some special contacts, where I would like to transmit my phone number to.

    for this special contacts I use the *31# combination prior to the phone number, so my caller ID will be shown on the other side. If a special contact calls me on my phone, the number is not shown by name, because I've saved the contact with *31# prior to the "correct" number.

    Is there any possibility to map the contact *31# 12345 666666 and 12345 666666 with a configuratoin change on the phone ? With older devices (not blackberry) it worked fine...

    What is the caller ID ? CLIR
    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caller_ID see here

    08-11-14 07:28 AM
  2. tex3523's Avatar
    I don't think it's what you are looking for but you could save the number twice. Once with the *31# and once with out it. Like 2 different entries.

    Posted from my awesome Q10
    08-11-14 08:04 AM
  3. robsteve's Avatar
    You could probably just at their number without the special code as an additional phone number in their contact file.

    Posted via CB10
    08-11-14 10:02 AM

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