1. RafOnBB's Avatar
    Dear all,
    this issue has been reported years ago, but I haven't found a solution.

    I moved from a Blackberry Curve 9360 to the Blackberry Classic (and regret it).
    I transferred the whole date from the Curve to the Classic via a Micro-SD-Card using the built-in functionality "Device-Switch".
    It worked, all contacts are now on the Classic.
    All phone numbers are stored including the international prefix:
    - French numbers: +33 X XX XX XX XX
    - German numbers: +49 XXX XXX XX XXX
    - Togo Numbers: +228 XX XX XX XX
    and so on.

    The Problem:
    When I am in Togo and I get called by a local contact, the numbers show up without the international prefix +228
    And the phone does not recognise them, although they are all linked to contacts stored in the local address book.

    Worse: Even when I call someone by typing 00228 for togo or 0033 for France, the phone does not realize that this is a saved contact!

    The "smart dialing" settings are set right.

    This is really embarrassing, literally every other phone, my old Curve, Android and even the simple GSM phones make it right...

    How make it right?

    Can someone help me out?
    01-08-17 03:28 PM
  2. Classic10's Avatar
    I had the same problem, I found that if entered numbers in the form of: the international prefix space number. +xxx xxxxxxx
    I do not know if it works when enter the 00xxx xxxxxxx, I have never used 00xxx
    Sorry for my bad English.
    01-09-17 07:53 AM

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