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    05-15-17 09:12 AM
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    Using an Autoloader usually works.... and at this point is probably the only option to try.

    I'd try again.... making sure that you have the right autoloader for your phone. Download from a different source - or better download the files directly from BlackBerry and create your own Autoloader.

    That said... it's possible if your phone had issues before this, that no software will fix it.
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    05-15-17 09:59 AM
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    I don't believe the phone had issues before, it was booting to the logo and showing the dead battery sign but I even think it was charging a little bit. I have like a gut feeling this can be fixed, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I believe I'm using the right autoloader, I've tried downloading different ones as well. Is there any way to stop the phone from going into a reboot loop while connected to the computer so that I can use the autoloader?
    05-16-17 05:51 PM

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