03-15-18 07:42 PM
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    In my experience Blend only connects using USB or local wifi network (with your phone connected to the same wifi LAN as your PC).

    It won't work over the internet (using the cellular connection) anymore as far as I know...
    This. I use it everyday, but it no longer works via cellular connection.
    02-26-18 06:06 PM
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    Please be more specific otherwise trying to troubleshoot this is like shooting in the dark.

    Was it working before? Was there any recent change in terms of application installed on your computer, especially antivirus and/or security suites and network monitoring? Do you have IPV6 enabled on your Wi-Fi connection settings? In which type of Wi-Fi environment are you trying to connect, work, home or public place? Which OS, macos or windows?

    I'm running macos Sierra, with eset security suite and blackberry blend works well on my home wifi and I have ipv6 enabled on the router and in my Wi-Fi connection settings on both my Mac and the blackberry passport.

    At the office, the Wi-Fi is differently configured (security!) and I must connect my phone to my laptop through usb otherwise it doesn't work. It appears a limitation of the network traffic control in place, not Blend itself.

    Good luck!

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    Hey, I’m running BB Link on Windows 7 with a Blackberry Classic. I don’t have IPV6 enabled most of the time, since Netflix blocks me when it’s active. My cable internet (Cablevision) has no IPV6 connectivity at all.

    Previously, Blend was working here without IPV6, and over my office Wi-Fi and over the air with cell internet T-Mobile) after I left for work. Blend also worked with my office Wi-Fi through various providers (with no IPV6 connectivity). And just for fun, I was able to VPN (with my work laptop) from Atlanta, GA, to my personal laptop in NJ, access Blend (from NJ to Atlanta) with my device on carrier internet, and write emails. It was painfully slow, but proved it was working. And once again, with no IPV6 connectivity from my home PC.

    But after I had to remote wipe my Blackberry, after I lost the BB in the subway, and got the device back, I have not been able to re-establish a connection over carrier internet (or anywhere else outside my own private network, with or without IPV6 through Tunnelbroker). This is leading me to believe that Blend is still looking for the old device identity, rather than the new one, since there have been no hardware changes here.

    I can still see the device in Blackberry Protect, location shown is correct, device details are showing, though it’s a little slow to respond (minute or two). My device currently shows both IPV4 and IPV6 addresses on cell internet, Wi-Fi disabled). When I re-enable IPV6 at my PC through Tunnelbroker, Protect responds within a few seconds. But if I switch to Blend on the PC while I’m logged into Protect, Blend still won’t work.

    BTW, even when I have IPV6 disabled on my PC’s NIC, I still regularly connect Blend quickly to the BB over Wi-Fi at home. PC connects to everything via a 1 GB connection on my switch, so IPV6 is not available for the network connection between the PC and the BB, yet Blend works (locally at least) across my private network.
    03-15-18 07:42 PM
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