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    First of all, I find BlackBerry Blend to be incredibly useful. I hate it when I'm at my computer and need to reach for my phone to answer BBM or something else. Now with Blend, I just can leave the phone resting (which conserves battery life!) and answer important messages through my computer.

    However, I find that it should also be the other way around. What if I'm busy at my Passport and somebody sends me a URL there, say through Whatsapp. Since Whatsapp isn't currently available in BlackBerry Blend, I can't open the URL directly on my computer.

    I can either:
    - type the URL on my computer
    - copy&paste the URL in a BBM message (or any other Blend supported message client)

    Both a bit of a hassle.

    What if I could share the URL directly to BlackBerry Blend? (Or computer)?

    Would be far more efficient!
    12-24-14 04:41 AM
  2. erwinfr's Avatar
    No.... next

    Posted via CB10
    12-24-14 04:59 AM
  3. BoyTanggol's Avatar
    How about send yourself an email with the link?

    Posted via CB10
    12-24-14 06:37 AM
  4. flyingsolid's Avatar
    What if I could share the URL directly to BlackBerry Blend? (Or computer)?

    Would be far more efficient!
    Do you mean like the Open in Playbook feature in Bridge? I hope that it comes along soon too.
    12-24-14 06:38 AM
  5. itsyaboy's Avatar
    How about send yourself an email with the link?
    Yeah sure, that works. But doesn't go a little bit against the idea of BlackBerry Flow? It feels like too much of a work around.

    Do you mean like the Open in Playbook feature in Bridge? I hope that it comes along soon too.
    Yes, something similar like that. Would be awesome right?
    12-24-14 08:16 AM
  6. hashtagwinning's Avatar
    Great idea! I hope they'll add this as they update Blend.
    I'd really like screen mirroring too!

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    12-24-14 03:48 PM
  7. Eakle's Avatar
    Check Pushbullet client like Blackbullet (free) or PushPlane in BlackBerryworld. (almost) same concept as you want, I am using now and I really want BlackBerry add these functions in Blend as well.

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    12-24-14 07:46 PM
  8. QtHelex's Avatar
    Yes, exactly for this is BlackBullet made. What you want works even in the free version.
    Get it here: BlackBullet - BlackBerry World

    The more advanced pro version is by the way currently on Christmas SALE with 50% discount. It includes sending files, friend lists and headless functionality. You can unlock it from within BlackBullet.
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    12-26-14 05:07 AM
  9. itsyaboy's Avatar
    Thanks for the suggestion guys, I wasn't familair with Pushbullet. Will check it it out!

    Edit: though I will admit, it would be far nicer to have just one app for multiple functions..
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    12-26-14 12:45 PM
  10. Nauveau's Avatar
    If only I can add contacts via sms part. or even copy the contact number. would be great.
    01-28-15 07:38 PM
  11. yeohda's Avatar
    Great suggestion. I was hoping Blend would have this functionality like it did on with my PlayBook as it totally fulfills the concepts of flow and seamless integration.

    Posted with my Super Duper Zed Thurdee
    01-29-15 09:44 AM
  12. BLACKJEDI23's Avatar
    Blend needs to let me edit current contacts from my phone.
    Why can I add or delete contacts but not edit?

    Posted via CB10
    01-29-15 12:06 PM
  13. gg bb's Avatar
    There should be a blackberry version of both ends of blend.
    Reason: if you had a BlackBerry work phone and a BlackBerry personal phone you could run your work phone as an app on your home phone or the other way around. Also once we could see it working if BlackBerry ever released another tablet the software would be there tested ready for BlackBerry users to be able to buy with confidence.
    Reason 2. A proper OS is not reliant on other OS for its features.

    It should be possible to play videos from the phone using blend.
    Reason: So a cheap tablet could be used for videos, criticism of the square screen on BlackBerry os 10 phones is that it's no good for videos, this would make BlackBerry one of best phones for videos.

    Might as well throw in play music over Blend

    Other ideas:

    Canon have a neat android app called 'DSLR controller' that allows remote control of a Canon EOS digital SLR, if you seen it take some inspiration from it for what's possible: Take photos or videos or recording sound remotely would probably be a feature some people would want although could be dubious reasons. Still be dammed cool set of features though.

    Posted via CB10
    01-30-15 04:12 PM

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