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    Why hasn't Blackberry merged this into Link to show some Consumer love? Have it baked right into the BB10 OS for much better transfers. This could is steps ahead of Link why can't a consumer use it!!?? The maintenance release (big update) was on Oct 1st, so if we make a stink about it maybe they will bring it to BB consumers.

    I myself never use Blackberry Link. Even though 1.2 is much a much better UI and smoother. But personally I like to put all my media onto my Memory Card because 16GB isn't enough space for my apps and my media(music/videos). If the Z30 came out with at least 50GB of storage then I would hop on it right away so I wouldn't have to use my SD Card.

    One of the annoying moves BlackBerry has done is limit their great Work Drives app to users only on BES 10. Work Drives allows users to mount network drives from their devices. Sadly normal users cannot use the app to mount network drives over Wi-Fi which would probably be effortless for BlackBerry to do. Either way BlackBerry has posted a new maintenance release to the application that adds the following features:

    List of it's New Features as of Oct 1st
    • Pin your files and folders in order to access them offline
    • Turn your legacy network drives into secure “cloud” storage repositories for your BlackBerry 10 enabled workforce
    • Automatically synchronize the latest changes that you’ve made to offline files
    • User controlled setting to choose the mobile network in addition to Wi-Fi as the method for file transfers and synchronization
    • Enhanced notifications now appear in the BlackBerry Hub as well as in the Work Drives application

    BlackBerry Updates "Work Drives" App - Still Requires BES 10 - BerryReview


    **BlackBerry Work Drives is supported on BlackBerry 10 devices provisioned on the BlackBerry Enterprise Service. It requires installation of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 and BlackBerry Balance and works in the Work perimeter only.
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    Not sure if you're not aware of this feature or have never tried it out, but Link does in fact contain a consumer version of "Work Drives" and it behaves pretty much exactly the same. Once a folder or drive is shared out via Link, you can pull it up wherever you're at and move files to and from that path. Basically it looks just like another location inside of the the File Manager.

    I'd be surprised if you missed it, but it's called "Remote File Access" in Link 1.2 and is configurable from the front page. Otherwise, what functionality are you lacking that Work Drives provides?
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