07-03-15 06:29 AM
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  1. beowulf101's Avatar
    The OP began the thread discussing Enterprise Mobile Management, not endpoint devices. Everyone else has discussed handsets, operating systems and marketshare for such.

    MobileIron, Air Watch and up and comers Cisco Meraki (Cisco's most successful acquisition of all time) and the like ARE big players in this market. There appears to be a huge misunderstanding on CrackBerry in general as to what BlackBerry security actually is, what BlackBerry is competing with at enterprise level, and indeed, even what Mobile Device Management even is. I'm sorry, but these threads descend into discussions about devices by well meaning CB members who very clearly don't understand these things and the level that they operate on.

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    07-02-15 04:51 PM
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    I think those that are investing in BBRY, say holly ****, the stock is almost at a 52 week low since the last earnings report, time to invest more money.

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    Watch it come back up when people realize their software revenue takes over devices and devices are just a small part of the company...

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    07-02-15 04:59 PM
  3. beowulf101's Avatar
    @Dave - absolutely right

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    07-02-15 05:03 PM
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    ...nothing says Blackberry is state of the art like implying that it cannot post to facebook or handle a movie.

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    Exactly. Honestly, I do both on my Z30. Some of these people who keep touting business over everything evidently know as little about BlackBerry 10 as the rest of the world.

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    07-02-15 05:49 PM
  5. Yass85's Avatar
    Thanks @beowulf101

    Yes I am more considering EMM market and BlackBerry position regarding Airwatch MobileIron and Good.

    Meraki is so wonderful but it can't be a full MDM solution. It's the best wi-fi solution ever.

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    07-02-15 05:56 PM
  6. btj's Avatar
    How's BlackBerry doing on that goal to sell 10M units a year... Opps... Guess you forgot about that one.

    Says BlackBerry CEO, "If we ship 10 million phones in a year, we'll be profitable on phones" | CrackBerry.com
    Uh, no, genius, I didn't. That is the level they'd need to be at to make the handsets profitable. Would they like to get there? Of course. Is it the primary (and best) way to solidify the company's financial standing? Not even close. While handsets can be a decent business it's a commodity business that is difficult to get good operating margins on. Software and technology, on the other hand (e.g. BES12) is a business with a lot of up front cost but almost zero on a per-unit-delivered basis and as such if you're going to slant your mix you want it to be heavy there since it almost all goes into your cash pile. Chen is quite well aware of this and continues to move the company in that direction. This is a very good thing.
    07-02-15 08:34 PM
  7. MrScotian's Avatar
    You missed the point."
    My point was about your delivery of the message but based on your reply, you likely presented it differently in the moment.

    It highlights a common theme that I see though. BlackBerry is for business and nothing else, but in an age of growing BYOD requests, people what a device that can do both and perception is everything in sales and marketing. As much as I laud Mr. Chen for his accomplishments, I've said it before and I'll say it again, BlackBerry changed with BlackBerry 10 and without proper (heck ANY) marketing, it will be a long time before they make in roads again with consumers. As a company they continue to drop the ball on this one point.

    I love my Z30 and I spread the word whenever I can but it's a phone few have heard of so it might as well be a regional no-name Chinese knock off for all they care.

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    07-02-15 09:50 PM
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    The Meraki range is now becoming very complete - the switching series has a really neat topology feature as a USP, and the layer 7 policy control is tight in their MDM, right down to OS level, pushing apps, remote desktop, CLI, geo fencing / tagging and more. The MX series client VPN and site-to-site are a breeze and WAN caching is even in there!!! Much more than the wireless these days. I'm a Cisco Meraki CMNA, and as far as BYOD goes, it's much more than just mobile policy these days - admins are looking at very wide security solutions on the edge as well as gateway levels. Switches, WLAN, security, MDM - Meraki even gives away it's MDM for free to any business <100 users, so how do you compete with something so good at a free price point?

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    07-03-15 04:54 AM
  9. Yass85's Avatar

    I totally agree with all your statement.

    I am a Meraki cmna too .

    I just said that Meraki MDM for a first level ok but it does not really compete with BlackBerry and other on EMM view.

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    07-03-15 06:00 AM
  10. whatsever's Avatar
    Only lonely and sad people are bashing. They have nobody.

    So these people will not buy a BlackBerry because yor need a thick skin and friends that except you are a blackberry! User.

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    07-03-15 06:20 AM
  11. beowulf101's Avatar
    @Yass85 - I kept my switch, MX and AP and now use them as a demo lab, what did you do with yours?

    BES12 just doesn't offer the remote desktop for Windows and OSX, screen grabs, stats of endpoint utilisation etc. Policy pushing on it is still nice, but the UI could still be friendlier, and to get the functions I need, I'd have to bolt in MobileIron as a mutual compliment and spend more of the budget.

    I'm canned our BES12 Cloud trial as unsuitable - PIM services on BlackBerry devices were destroying user battery time across the board! Passports lasting 2/3rds of a day? Unheard of, yet it happened on BES. BES also isn't broad enough yes and doesn't give an end-to-end architecture throughout. Meraki gives WLAN, layer 3 and 7 control, VPN / IP Sec, application control, back packing and pushing, and goes far beyond BYOD / CYOD and deep into the network itself. BlackBerry is a complimentary service to an overall infrastructure, not an infrastructure broad enough to do more at this juncture. It may change, and hopefully it will, but for us BES and BlackBerry were simply not enough on an overall architectural level of network build and not compelling enough as a standalone or complimentary service. It depends on the business needs and where it's going, but I do think it needs more!

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    07-03-15 06:29 AM
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