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    I said this in a tweet to Chris 90 days ago. "evrbdy assumes current bb owners flock to bb10(big asumptin). Will be nice to see BB lgcy to BB10 numbers". Its happening. I hate that it is happening but todays numbers confirm it. here is how the conversation with Chris went.
    Javier Enrique @javirique
    @cumiastowski 55%of bb10 from other platforms. So bb7 owners moving away from the platform? Its working out contrary to every prediction.
    @javirique your statement makes no logical sense at all. WTF?
    Javier Enrique @javirique
    @cumiastowski evrbdy assumes current bb owners flock to bb10(big asumptin). Will be nice to see BB lgcy to BB10 numbers.
    Chris Umiastowski @cumiastowski
    @javirique pretty simple math. What's 100 percent minus 55 Come on.
    Javier Enrique @javirique
    @cumiastowski although patronizing Fact is they need to make sure bb legacy stay. I see mistrust from users everyday.
    Here is the explanation I owed Chris and was waiting for the right time to proof my theory.

    Current BB users wanto to go to other platforms, they want to leave Blackberry behind! that is my theory that Chris did not understand. BB legacy users were stuck with an OS that they did not like and saw their friends do all kinds of things on this humongous androids and Iphones that they could not. My point is again, everybody assumes that the 72 million users will migrate to BB10! No! that is not happening! They want to run away from an abusing relationship as quickly as they can!!! The new users BB10 is seeing are from dumb phones, android and IOS. Thorsten said so in the call 90 days ago. (Remember the 55% number they celebrated). Chris I hope my comment makes sense now. I am out on the road a lot, and work on this stuff everyday, I see it everyday, its happening, the 72 million number is not real to BB10. The majority of those 72 million people are going to other platforms, BB leadership needs to focus on the ones coming from other platforms, if there are enough of them. I am for the second quarter in a row, doubting it. The stock market agrees with me, and I am not happy about it.

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    06-29-13 06:59 PM
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    To be fair most OS 7 owners cant upgrade to BB10 devices because they are not available in those regions or cost too much.
    06-29-13 07:17 PM
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    Some of us OS 7 folks are very happy with OS 10. My Zed is a marvelous device. Folks coming from other platforms are just icing the cake.

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    06-29-13 07:21 PM
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    Yeah same here. I just see that we are the minority. Most BlackBerry legacy users want to run away. I see it more and more in the states at least.

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    06-29-13 08:10 PM
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    I began to have similar thoughts after the announcements from yesterday. Will the majority of the 72 (former 76, former 79, if I remember correctly) legacy BB users move over to BB10? As a long term BB fanboy, I'm afraid not.

    I think thie issue is the absence of many of the nice little productivity features (have been discussed here at length, so I'm not going to start over again), that made so many millions of legacy BB users stick to an outdated platform, and resist the temptations of bright & shiny other systems for so long.

    Yes BB10 also offers some nice new features, and might have "big potential", as was also stated here often. But what meaning does this "potential" have for the here and now needs of the busy users? Give them what they need now, and in a year from now, everything will be different anyway.

    And yes, as discussed 1000 times, BB10 is a new system and needs time to mature. But honestly, who cares? Fan loyalty doesn't reach far enough nowadays to wait forever for features to arrive that made it easier to get through busy working days, and, while waiting, not getting the benefits that other platforms offer in return.

    So the big mistake that BBRY made was to think that the few new BB10 features will outweigh the absence of many of the legacy BB productivity features, that they didn't get ready in time. I think this is not the case. They should have delivered both, old & new features, right from the start.

    I know this is a question of development resources which were probably not available in sufficient numbers. But I for my part would e.g. easily have given up a camera timeline (or whatever it's called) feature for homescreen speed dials. Or a story maker, in exchange for profiles. Etc.

    BUt now I'm afraid that the doors are currently wide open for "old" BB users to move to other platforms, rather than to BB10, which is an OK system, but by far not as sensational as needed in order to preserve 50 of the 72 millions as customers, and to attract millions of others from other platforms.

    I hope that I'm totally wrong, and that the next quarter will be a mind blowing one for BBRY. But at the moment, I hhave a not too good gut feeling that it might be too late, and that they will continue to lose another 600K users each month.
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    06-29-13 08:20 PM
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    Absolutely agree with your thoughts. It's going to be difficult. I have tried both android and ios and use an I pad mini a lot along with my Mac. I was hoping the z10 will replace a lot of that use but it's has not happened. I think it's a matter of resources. The difference in money to spend between the big three and BlackBerry is overwhelming. Maybe it had to do with the OS not been American. I hate conspiracy theories but it is difficult to understand what is happening in the mobile os world otherwise. QNX is by far the most stable reliable etc. Its Crazy the media hate for this company.

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    06-30-13 07:24 AM

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