01-06-15 03:04 AM
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    I don't know if this is what you need, but it's under 'Settings' then 'Parental Controls'
    BlackBerry 10 vs. iOS vs. Windows Phone 8-img_00000003.png

    Posted by my awesome Z10 running 10.2
    10-25-13 09:14 PM
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    Hi, what is the name of that app?
    If you are on the Fido network, Fido MyAccount should come preinstalled on your phone; if it wasn't preinstalled, you can download it from BlackBerry World. It will only work if your carrier is Fido. I believe Rogers (which owns Fido) also offers a functionally identical application.

    Posted via CB10
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    10-26-13 07:09 PM
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    I definitely love the hdmi out. I load up my 32gb sd card and plug the phone into the tv. I couldn't imagine using a phone without one.
    10-26-13 08:25 PM
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    I know this has been discussed many times here, but I feel like a lot of people are missing the point. The general consensus is that BlackBerry has a good platform, but they are still a bit behind in terms of features. And after spending some time with both an iPad and a Nokia Lumia 1020 I have to say this is not true. Here's why:

    - The multitasking user experience is better now with iOS 7, but everything is still being paused in the background.
    - No native file manager
    - You can't share files via Bluetooth
    - Sharing in general sucks: contacts can only be shared via email, calendar appointments can't be shared at all, tasks can't be shared, etc. On my BlackBerry I can share pretty much everything.
    - No Hub
    - No instant replies
    - No DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct or Miracast
    - Social media accounts need to be set up twice (once for sharing and the second time when you install the app)
    - Inferior email app: limited formating options (bold, italic, underline), no invite to meeting, no option to load external images, no colour coding, no priority box, no smart search, no filter, no attachments hub and so on...
    - Inferior keyboard
    - Inferior calendar app: no agenda view, no people view, can't select colours, no mobile conferencing.
    - No Docs To Go
    - No Story Maker
    - Limited Picture Editor

    Windows Phone 8:
    - The multitasking experience is even worse than what iOS has.
    - Limited copy-paste functionality (can't copy paste between apps, the clipboard is cleared every time the phone locks)
    - Limited sharing functionality: for example you can't share a video from the video player. On a BlackBerry 10 device you can share anything from everywhere (even a selected word).
    - Inferior keyboard (though a bit better than the iOS one)
    - Unconsistent video player behaviour: no way to move the progress slider if you're watching a video from the browser
    - No quick settings menu
    - No file manager
    - No DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct or Miracast
    - No Hub, but at least you can link inboxes
    - No instant replies
    - No compass app
    - Can't take notes from the phone app
    - Inferior email and calendar apps: same problems as iOS basically
    - If you are trying to share a photo and the phone goes in standby, the process is stopped (this is extremely annoying)

    So in conclusion, BlackBerry 10 has more features than both iOS and WP8, yet people still consider it an inferior OS. And I'm not talking about user experience here, I didn't want personal preference to be a factor in this comparison. You just get more done and in a more elegant way with a BlackBerry 10 device.

    Posted via CB10
    Hello, I come from WP8 and Android, I like BB10, but there are some issues I would like to be considered to improve it:

    - No way to assign a ringtone for a group of contacts.
    - No way to block calls/sms from specific numbers or hidden numbers (Windows Phone 8.1 Cyan does that nativelly in a VERY good way)

    Music Player:
    - No equalizer

    - No way to suppress animations (In android in developer mode you can suppress animations thus making the pone faster and saving battery life)

    - When making a close up the Auto Focus "decides" to set the adjustment just a little affter the good focus is made, vey annoying.

    - No way so silence the keypad whend dialing a number unless you set off all notifications.

    01-06-15 03:04 AM
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