1. willhugforlove's Avatar
    How long does Blackberry 10 keep text messages (current OS7 standard is 3 months, I believe)? What about emails, pin messages, etc? How customizable is the storage duration?
    03-14-13 05:09 AM
  2. mscooley's Avatar
    That's a good question. I don't see any options to define that duration. Oh and PIN messages are no more. I'd shoot a tweet over to @BlackBerryHelp. Thanks.
    03-14-13 09:49 AM
  3. belfastdispatcher's Avatar
    It does not automatically delete text messages after A certain period, it will keep them as long as you want.
    03-14-13 09:56 AM
  4. Ecm's Avatar
    Email messages can be kept up to a maximum of 30 days - on the current BB10 version. An increase to that is anticipated in the forthcoming "10.1" update.
    03-14-13 01:31 PM
  5. willhugforlove's Avatar
    Thanks for your responses. What did they do to the PIN messages?

    Re: e-mails, noted, thanks. Would you know if the same applies to Whatsapp messages, BBM's, Tweets, Facebook messages, etc.? In other words, what's the shelf-life of a notification in the Hub?

    Also, I have a concern about phones lagging when there has been significant build-up of messages in an inbox (e.g. if there are thousands of texts or emails). I'm referring specifically to my 9900, though I believe iPhones and (doubtless) Android-based phones encounter this. Unfortunately, with my work, revisiting texts or emails from n months ago is unavoidable. Would anyone know if this lagging occurs on BB10 phones?
    03-15-13 01:01 AM
  6. Affie36's Avatar
    I have a hotmail account now and still got the email from back november 2012 from my old Bold 9780. The Hub is great and very useful. Maybe i undeestood your question wrong so sorry if this didn't help.

    BlackBerry Z10, Posted via CB10
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    03-15-13 06:08 AM
  7. Affie36's Avatar
    You can restore all your txt from your old phone.

    BlackBerry Z10, Posted via CB10
    03-15-13 06:12 AM
  8. InvalidUser0510's Avatar
    Yeah, Androids definitely start lagging after a lot of texts and emails and such. I had that issue with my Nexus 4. With the Z10, I haven't had any problems at all. On the N4, I would constantly archive all my emails, but now I just leave them in the Hub so they stay in the inbox after I've read them. Same with texts, on Android, the default only keeps the newest 500 texts and deletes the rest, the Z10 keeps all of them, I believe. They're not laggy or anything even though some of the conversations have been going since I first got the phone. If anything, you could always just delete the text conversation
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    03-15-13 07:57 AM

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