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    I have recently switched from my BlackBerry Z10 to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It's a nice phone just that I'm not too happy with Android apps.

    I realised that the Android apps I use runs smoother and faster on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Then I compared the spec's of the 2 phones and needless to say that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is far more superior to the BlackBerry Z10.

    I'm just thinking perhaps these could be due to the much higher processing power (at least 4 times faster and higher processing power compared to the BlackBerry Z10), the built in memory approximately double of the BlackBerry Z10 and the RAM built in of 4GB which is also double of that of the BlackBerry Z10.

    What if there is a BlackBerry phone that has the same capacity or spec's of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge? Will it process these apps just as fast or at a reasonable speed?

    If BlackBerry were to release a BlackBerry 10 phone with current spec's at a competitive price would you want to buy it? I think I would.

    The reason why I chosed the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge over the BlackBerry Priv is because the BlackBerry Priv is almost USD 200 more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. If both were the same price or almost the same price I would have chosen the Priv.

    Posted via CB10
    06-12-16 05:14 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    If BlackBerry can build a phone with the same specs as what you mentioned, it would be a much better challenger to some of the Androids out there. And yes, the price has something to do with the lack of sales, no doubt.
    06-12-16 06:06 AM

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