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    Its very promising to know that RIM took the Hard Road and Decided on Building a Platform from ground up and not losing "Exclusivity". QNX is a Powerhouse no doubt and is ahead by leaps and bounds when compared to either IOS, Android or WP8. We all PlayBook Owners know the Credibility of the upcoming BlackBerry 10 Platform and New Operating system, since PlayBook runs on the same QNX Platform. Playbooks performance literally showcases the Rising Power that will be seen In the BlackBerry 10 Phones. But it's really important for RIM to get the message right and i am sure with the Fresh blood in the leadership team, RIM will just manage to do that. This is definitely a new RIM and its headed into the right direction.

    Sometimes, what concerns me is that ; Even here in India, where BlackBerry is considerably stronger than in the west, and is also one of the Aspirational brands. Some Smartphone users in India too are aware about the slipping marketshare of RIM in the USA. There is a great amount of Indians living or working or studying in the USA, Canada and even UK. These people too are a part of those who would have abandoned their Blackberries in favor Iphones or Galaxies, mostly in USA. They pass on this message to their relatives here and mostly negative word of mouth about BlackBerry starts happening this way. This is just, my point of view. Many of my friends I know of are seen posting negative statuses about BB and it's current state in the west. This I think should change and CAN change only one way. RIM's Marketing Team has to Ensure That They Change This Perception From Grassroots Level and Launch BlackBerry 10 As a Niche Product.

    The Approach by Thorsten Heins is clearly Stating that This RIM is not a Laggard and will not sit and listen to Negative irrelevant media reports, I am a FAN of his Quick and Bold replies to Print Media and Safeguard its Stakeholders interests.

    RIM is BeingBold and I am liking it!
    11-07-12 07:07 AM
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    I agree on some points, RIM needs to step up on it's marketing. Right now the media is filled with promotions for Apple, Android, and even Windows, but barely a peep from RIM, other than the stuff we find out from sites like crackberry. Launching BB10 as a niche product... not so much. Over here in the states Rim has already become a niche product, some people/companies appreciate what it does while the rest mock it. RIM is trying to win back market share, they are trying to show that BB10 phones can compete with IOS and Android for usability. Telling everyone right off the bat, that this phone is only for certain groups, is shooting itself in the foot, and will only hurt the company because other users won't even give it a try, and pass up what could be a great phone and UI.
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    11-07-12 07:36 AM
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    Advertising does work, they should try it sometime.
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    11-07-12 07:49 AM

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