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    Evening all,

    Encryption for the device and media card data, does this have to be one for a non BES BlackBerry to be more secure than that of other manufacturers?

    If not what are the reasons for BlackBerry being so secure, is it embedded into the core OS that makes it hard to hack/mine data out of. Are the messages and transmissions through carriers data more secure coming from a BlackBerry phone.

    I'm not In the IT field just love my BlackBerry's and want to know if they are truely more secure day to day or only on BES.

    Official PassportSQW100-1/
    06-18-15 05:39 AM
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    That all depends on what you mean by security, or to be more specific what security threat you are hoping to defend against.

    BES mainly provides defense against two specific threats:
    1. Misuse by a user (either accidental or malicious) by allowing central control over configuration and software installation.
    2. Security of data in motion between the handheld and the corporate IT infrastructure through encryption.

    For devices not on BES there is still the enhanced security of running an operating system that is built from the ground up to be robust against malicious attacks such as one recently come to light and published in this thread: http://forums.crackberry.com/news-ru...ckers-1024491/ There is also the action taken by BlackBerry to do continuous vetting of application behavior and responding as described in this knowledge base article: KB37118-Privacy Notice - Digital Publishing Asia apps

    You can keep up to date with these security related knowledge base articles by following BBSIRT on Twitter.
    06-18-15 06:29 AM
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    06-18-15 06:32 AM

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