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    Hi all,

    Just an interesting observation I noticed lately with PostMedia sites that I visit daily.

    Previously sites such as the National Post or Calgary Sun & Calgary Herald didn't bring up a paywall. I was able to read every story in full with the BlackBerry 10 browser without any issues expect it was a little slow to load once in a while.

    I recently read a story about Postmedia on another site about the direction the company is taking their newspaper business. Long story short they brought up the fact that the company has several former BlackBerry executives that are working on the tech side of the business, to help them keep up to speed on tech and keep the big boys such as Google and Facebook at bay with regards to ad revenue etc. Without the obvious concerns with that given how badly BlackBerry has done against the big boys such as Google etc it was interesting.

    Perhaps a few of them knew that BlackBerry 10 browsers and others allowed for the paywall to be avoided and put a lock onto it, thus increasing the chances of a subscription.

    Just something I noticed and thought was interesting!

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    08-15-19 02:22 PM
  2. bb9900user2018's Avatar
    I saw that today too, "your limit has been reached" and you need to subscribe. Never had trouble reading what I wanted to on Post Media sites and my Classic worked on all pages including those w/ videos.

    Posted via CB10
    08-15-19 02:39 PM

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