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    I'm not sure when this was recorded but it was interesting. It's pretty long at 23min but is worth looking at. It was put on youtube on saturday so if it has been posted here already then delete this. I did a search and found there was some info posted about this last month so I'll attach the quote.

    Is anyone going to the upcoming Casual Connect Conference in Seattle? If so, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts about RIM's presentation there in terms of gaming and BB10.

    This comes from their website:

    "BlackBerry 10, If You Are Serious About Gaming!".

    "Get ready for Research In Motion's (RIM) next generation mobile computing platform that started with the release of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet last year. In just a few months the first BB10 phones will launch to the excitement of our existing 78M passionate BlackBerry users!

    Come and listen to why many developers already consider BB10 the best platform to develop on when going cross platform.

    The presentation will also briefly cover: BB10, the opportunity to develop for BlackBerry, what's new on the platform and opportunities to best monetize your games.

    About Anders Jeppsson:

    Anders was founder and CEO of game development company SouthEnd Interactive between 1998-2010 and is credited as Lead Game Designer and Senior Producer and have worked on games such as Deathrow (Xbox), R-Type Dimensions (XBLA), Lode Runner (XBLA) and Ilomilo (XBLA/WP7) on Xbox/360, PS3, Android, Windows Mobile, WP7 and other platforms.

    Anders also worked as Head of Innovation and Chief Visionary Officer in telecom with a specific mission of expanding into the major Asian telecom companies before joining The Astonishing Tribe in October 2010. TAT was acquired by RIM a month later and Anders is now focusing on the global gaming strategy for RIM."

    Source: Casual Connect Seattle
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    08-20-12 05:02 PM
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    why is he using a mac...boooooo
    08-21-12 12:23 AM
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    haha yea i know eh?
    If he was using a pc he'd still likely be using Windows so it was a choice between two competitors for the most part. should of went with Windows though.

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    08-21-12 06:20 AM
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    @ezapper2 :

    Currently, if you're a developer, most are using MacBook Pro's / Mac now a days, also because most developers don't develop for one specific platform, but might need to be able to reach multiple including iOS and OSX. (and that is only reachable via a OSX machine.)
    I would have been more worried about his developer status if they were using Windows Laptops. (ubuntu is fine).

    Unfortunately then there is no BlackBerry Development Laptop yet ;-)
    08-21-12 08:52 AM
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    Thanks for the input. I had no idea why he was using a mac. learn something everyday on this site. oh and no thanks for the thought of a blackberry laptop which I will now have stuck in my head for months lol.

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    08-21-12 11:32 AM
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    RIM could probably start building one too if they wanted to and if they were in a better financial situation. I'm confident they will right the ship so I can hope for a blackberry ultrabook someday.

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    08-21-12 11:37 AM
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    I don't see why Anders and the dev from Bard's Tale both downplayed the PlayBook's hardware specs. 1 gig of RAM is still standard, dual core is standard, the processor is competitive...Compared to the new Note 10.1, sure the specs are lacking, but compared to the ipad, and most of the android tabs currently available, it still holds its own.
    08-21-12 12:09 PM
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    did anybody realize that he said you can start a game on your playbook and continue on your bb10 phone/device

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    08-21-12 06:27 PM
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    Overall a strong presentation imho
    08-21-12 11:08 PM
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    A brilliant session. I watched the whole thing on my bold 9900.
    08-23-12 06:28 PM