01-01-16 01:55 AM
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  1. Chuck Finley69's Avatar
    Apparently, various threads are being consolidated here regarding the upcoming demise of BB10 after its last two minor updates 10.3.3 and 10.3.4. Please heed warnings of the mods. Free speech, regardless of your opinion, is doomed....

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    12-31-15 12:02 PM
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    I would like to say I find these debates from the uninformed to be fun to read, but really do no good at all.

    First BB OS 10.3 is not going anywhere where fast. The operating system is still the ONLY one, approved by governments around the world for security.

    The people who speak on the demise of BB OS 10.3 really need to grow up, if BB is going to survive as a hand set manufacture and supplier it will have to support both Android and OS 10.3, why you may ask? Because 10.3 is used by a very large group of professionals and Android is more for the casual user, let us not forget that one is approved for secure locations and one is not. BB has no expense to speak of to continue to support OS 10.3, as the heavy lifting has been accomplished in the past. In closing the bashing of OS 10.3 is silly and juvenile and serves no purpose whats so ever.

    One last thought, BB is not going to walk away from the Corporate and Government markets to push a new OS. Only if the Priv/Android can be approved as secure as OS 10.3, and then approved by Government agencies and not public opinion will we see the dual OS from BB change.
    I agree with your whole post. Also, the OS needs to still be around for the, you know, United Nations. Lol

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    12-31-15 11:25 PM
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    In order to serve niche market, there has to be potential revenue that would exceed any potential expenses. This has never happened with BB10 regarding past and current revenue and expenses. What revenue does BB10 generate from existing customers? When you speak of government and enterprise customers, BlackBerry creates builds for these customers that customers pay for. These builds are proprietary builds for clients, like military, and not shared with public. These customers are no longer asking for BB10 custom builds. The new RFP's are for cross platform solutions which BlackBerry does bid using BES12 and more importantly, the other companies it has acquired with Chen. Just like App devs stopped building apps for BB10, the process for BlackBerry to quit forward movement began when everyone BB10 were let go / not offered new BB10 assignments. BlackBerry's future is securing OS that are IOS/Android, then any other OS that have enough demand with that solution. Will you see MS and BB included, yes, initially. But maintaining like MS did for XP is not development. The other difference is there are no plans for a Vista, 7,8,8.1 or 10 type OS with BB. They didn't keep people for that. At this point, it's Android or die for Hardware for Consumers and small/mid enterprise that buy off the shelf type solutions. I own and love every BB10 device made except for Q5 and Z3 (since I'm American in the USA), but the realities of business survival and desires to grow are what matter to management and more importantly, the shareholders of BlackBerry. It's their (and mine as shareholder too) money.

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    12-31-15 11:28 PM
  4. Gamesmania Mania's Avatar
    Do not care about it. Because I am BlackBerry 10 user.
    As long I can use my phone...it is ok

    But to buy another BlackBerry 10 phone..hmmm no way...because BlackBerry still struggling with their financial.

    Their focus right now for Android.
    Until they develop in the right path for BlackBerry 10 OS. I will kept my device.

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    01-01-16 01:55 AM
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