04-05-21 09:48 PM
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  1. Tylerr64's Avatar
    Which blackberry 10 device are you still using in 2020 and why?
    04-13-20 06:22 PM
  2. Nguyen1's Avatar
    Z10. It's small, handles my needs (email, e-reading). Calls and texts have been fine on it, too. Battery life still very good.
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    04-13-20 06:57 PM
  3. ume_kun's Avatar
    I use Q10. Are there any other useful device for E-mail,twitter,scheduling?
    I want new devise with established OS10, but no hope...
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    04-14-20 04:28 AM
  4. Low Joe's Avatar
    Which one? Passport AT&T

    Why? Because it works

    Posted via CB10
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    04-14-20 05:12 AM
  5. ynak's Avatar
    Passport and Classic!

    Why? Because it works great)
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    04-15-20 05:16 AM
  6. lolo9269's Avatar
    still use a classic as my primary daily driver phone
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    04-15-20 06:56 AM
  7. BigAl_BB9900's Avatar
    Passport as Alarm Clock on it's charging stand
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    04-15-20 09:12 AM
  8. Christian Galdames's Avatar
    My Passport SE. simply put, it just works.
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    04-15-20 08:34 PM
  9. zulitaufik's Avatar
    I still use my BlackBerry Leap but not frequently

    Posted via CB10
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    04-19-20 01:00 AM
  10. pomidor's Avatar
    Which blackberry 10 device are you still using in 2020 and why?
    Z30, as a cooking timer only
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    04-19-20 05:54 AM
  11. Tylerr64's Avatar
    Z30, as a cooking timer only
    That’s awesome lol
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    04-19-20 06:08 PM
  12. RaduBB's Avatar
    Z30 as my daily and the only driver. It has all of it that I need nowadays plus the only non-"BB World" app that I chose to get (WhatsApp) installed and working. The rest is just noise to my ears. BTW... its powerful sound is - by farrr ! - still on top of all the others I have ever listened to!
    04-20-20 06:03 AM
  13. madfaady's Avatar
    BlackBerry passport SE. Mainly using for emails. I do have a key 2 but prefer passport for email.

    For passport, I had some issues related to mail connectivity which forced me to use key2 for emails. But I didn't like it. Glad that I sorted out the issue and now I'm back again with PP.Typing experience is much better in passport.

    Key2 used mainly for calls, insta,whatsapp, facebook.
    Will hang with passport till it dies.

    Posted via BlackBerry Passport SE
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    04-20-20 12:08 PM
  14. joeldf's Avatar
    I still keep a Z10 running. But not as a daily driver. I have a Galaxy S9 for that.

    The Z10 is on Wi-Fi only, and i keep my home Outlook account on it, along with a podcast app and Evernote. Mainly for trouble-shooting if a question comes up on these forums, and if I think I can help.
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    04-20-20 03:45 PM
  15. CrackNutRun's Avatar
    Every 3-4 months the same question. And it seems that the further we movie away from the EOL announcement day the more frequently this question will pop up. In two years from now, we will see this question 3 times per month. Is this a question like "are you still breathing granny"? Or is it like the last survivors try to support each other?

    Q10 - because it does what I want and if I need any extras, I turn it to a hotspot and I use an android phone as a tablet.
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    04-20-20 05:18 PM
  16. Fsl khan's Avatar
    BlackBerry Passport coz it's fulfil all basic needs

    BlackBerry Passport SE
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    04-20-20 11:02 PM
  17. AJ Romano's Avatar
    Z30. It's my work phone. Keeps my work emails in check and I get them done. Second excellent music player very physical so and hands on for the gym or home workouts now haha. And wait you guys can use Twitter on this?

    Posted via CB10 on my  Z30
    04-21-20 09:02 AM
  18. Jobin m vadath's Avatar
    Z3,because it's mine

    Posted via CB10
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    04-21-20 01:25 PM
  19. AladarMezga's Avatar
    Passport and my wife Q10 white. BBM is still great and we are using it daily.
    04-21-20 02:33 PM
  20. muhammri's Avatar
    Because of it's email

    Posted via CB10
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    04-28-20 04:52 AM
  21. fasil rehman's Avatar
    Passport SE,bcoz it's still working great in all my needs. And stylish crowd catcher. I wil never back till it die.

    BlackBerry Passport SE
    04-28-20 09:35 AM
  22. dwatts26726's Avatar
    Passport. It does everything I want it to. I did drop it the other day and crack the screen Might have to buy a new Passport if I can find one lol
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    04-28-20 10:37 AM
  23. gdugic's Avatar
    I use Classic as my second phone and I love it. I enjoy using it.
    I also bought z10 few days ago, just to try it. I don't use it much, haven't even put sim card in it, only use it on wifi. It is more-less the same as classic without keyboard. It is nice phone, small and I like it, but not nearly as much as my classic.

    But.. some things I cannot get past by, and that is the reason why I cannot use it as my main phone. Android is better, and as every new day passes by, the difference will be bigger. But, until that final day comes, I am using my classic.

    Posted via CB10
    04-28-20 10:27 PM
  24. dubengeldu's Avatar
    its underrated as q10

    new battery in and deactivated some untrusted certificates
    pretty useful ifnot good even unlike bloatware apps

    ineed a more actual sooner or later butits ok fornow
    05-01-20 03:42 PM
  25. imradlol's Avatar
    Been using the Q5 of all things. It's a seriously underrated bb10 phone
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    05-01-20 05:14 PM
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