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    If Chen did just this one thing he could actually save BlackBerry 10 even now. If he updates the andeoid runtime to android 7.0 all android apps would work well as if BlackBerry 10 was their native platform. It wouldnt work so well on the Z10 and the leap but it could work marvellously well on more capable devices like Z30 and passport. Next he could launch BlackBerry 10 phone with dtek 60 specs and fingerprint sensor. This would make sure even the most taxing apps would work well on BlackBerry 10 because of the updated runtime and specs to run that emulator environment well. He could give off a small commission to cobalt and have his playstore preinstalled on each BlackBerry 10 smartphone. This would attract customers as BlackBerry 10 would no longer have a app problem. All google apps would come preinstalled and patched. BlackBerry 10 would become serious competition to android and uos by simply stealing android's apps. Soon due to increased numbers of consumers the developers would have to develop natively for BlackBerry 10. Once BlackBerry world starts getting filled play store would be no longer needed and BlackBerry would be able to sustain itself.

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    02-12-17 09:38 AM
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    Not again...

    Chen can't just update the runtime. Google will not allow it, period, and it is their property. Not BlackBerry, not anyone, is going to tell them what to do with their own code.

    And if BlackBerry tries to do it without permission? Well, they get sued into oblivion and Google will then own all of BlackBerry's intellectual property. You think Google will suddenly start making BB10 phones?

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    02-12-17 09:55 AM
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    You must be new to BlackBerry 10...

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    02-12-17 10:01 AM

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