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    I finally got around watching this week's Bones episode and was pleasantly surprised when I saw Booth and Sweets have a neat video chat using a Z10 and Q10 respectively.
    It didn't seem to be BBM video chat but correct me if I'm wrong I've already seen BlackBerry on the show multiple times throughout the series but this was the first time I saw a BlackBerry 10, that I noticed. Anyways, here's the video :


    Posted via CB10
    11-06-13 11:18 PM
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    We have a thread for these sightings, if you'd like to share them there.
    11-06-13 11:22 PM
  3. just_luc's Avatar
    I was watching that myself tonight as well and noticed it right away! Actually they've been using bb10 devices all season, Agent Both has been on a z10 which we've seen a few glimpses of, and some other fbi staffers have been seen with them as well. But this was the first episode we've really seen an extended look at them. They got solid amount of close up screen time in this episode! Unfortunetly branding removed.. but you could clearly see both the Z10 and Q10 close up and un obscured. Cool to see them showing off that the phones can video chat too.. even though as you mentioned the screen images were simulated and didn't really resemble bbm video.

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    11-06-13 11:23 PM

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