1. geomun's Avatar
    I loaded my banking app on the z30 running I had high hopes to use the check deposit feature. The camera never could get a good scan of the check. Either off center, blurry, camera too close. The errors wouldn't end. I put the IOS version of the app on my wife's ipad mini and the check was deposited within seconds. I have used the camera with great satisfaction for videos and regular picture taking.

    Has anyone successfully used this feature on the z30 with OS 10.3.1.x and their banking app of choice?
    03-31-15 09:56 PM
  2. Al moon's Avatar
    ive used chase perfectly fine with the q10,z30, passport i would have to take 2 pics though the first one would always come out blurry but the second one was fine
    03-31-15 10:40 PM
  3. YeemanBB's Avatar
    I had the same problem with OS 10.2.1. The issue for my banking app was that auto focus did not work when taking a picture of the cheque. The way I got around it is to open the camera, get a good focus on the cheque, then go back to the banking app while holding the phone at the same distance to the cheque. Take the pictures. The images would be appropriately focused.

    With 10.3.1, the auto focus in my banking app now works properly.

    Posted via CB10
    03-31-15 10:43 PM
  4. John Vieira's Avatar
    Yup, same deal.

    Auto focus wouldn't work, so I had to use the camera to focus and then take the picture, didn't even know it was working with 10.3.1 now.

    Posted via CB10
    03-31-15 11:22 PM
  5. Dr J39's Avatar
    I used to use it. It worked fine on 10.1.x, but is useless on 10.2.x I have no idea how well it works on 10.3.x.x
    04-01-15 01:52 AM

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