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    Hi there. I have been using the BlackBerry Z30 smartphone for almost a year now. I purchased this phone unlocked and carrier-free, but not from ShopBlackBerry, but rather a local online retailer selling brand new unlocked smartphones. I am on Telenor Pakistan network and have been using it for more than five years now (previously also on BlackBerry devices such as Bold 9000 and Torch 9810). As we all know that the BlackBerry 10.3.1 OS software updated was rolled out globally almost three days ago, on February 19th. Well, I must ask what may be the possible reason that I have not received this much personally-anticipated update on my device on Telenor Pakistan? I have been eagerly waiting for this update for many months now. I must inform that I only prefer official updates on my phones, and have also solely relied on official OS roll outs. That is the reason why I have never installed any "leaked" versions of the 10.3 or 10.3.1 on my phone in the past. So why am I not able to get this update? I am presently stuck on Whenever I check the latest update using the "Software Update" option, it keeps saying that I have the latest update. I also have the auto update option turned to on, but still no notification in the BlackBerry Hub prompting me to update my OS to 10.3.1. So very disappointed and unhappy. When I called my carrier, they said that the update is pushed by BlackBerry servers and they are not the one to blame. They said that everthing is green at their end and as soon as BlackBerry themselves push the update, I shall receive it in no time. Can anyone guide me on the reasons for this prolonged delay and when can I expect to receive this update on my Z30? It has been three days and many people around the world are already enjoying this update as of I write this.
    02-22-15 08:33 AM
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    02-22-15 01:12 PM
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    Take a look in these for more information and join the discussions in progress.



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