1. GiantSchnauzer's Avatar
    Hi people,
    My contacts from Facebook have their birthdays shown in the BlackBerry 10 calender, but not my contacts on the phone even though I input them in the birthday field. Any suggestions?

    (10.3, and same on friends z30 with 10.2.1)

    Z30 Pooooooooower!
    07-15-14 11:40 PM
  2. GiantSchnauzer's Avatar
    As in this fake contacts birthday

    Birthdays from contacts on phone not showing up in calender-img_20140716_113436.png

    Z30 Pooooooooower!
    07-16-14 02:37 AM
  3. wg7's Avatar
    Same problem here? Why can't BlackBerry add this simple feature? Every time someone asks me if I like the phone I tell them yes except for the contacts application and contacts management.

    Posted via CB10
    07-16-14 02:21 PM

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