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    Since I've had my Zed10, it's kind of bugged me that the Birthdays / Anniversaries didn't sync to my calendar from my Contacts. I went through all that trouble to put them in their contacts, and the old BBOS would transfer them from my contacts to Calendar, so why doesn't BB10 yet.
    Then I started getting this funny image in my calendar app as soon as I opened it up. Open Calendar and in Month view, scroll down my days activities and I see small grey birthday cakes at the bottom. If I go to any other day, they are gone or if I go back to today's date while in the app, it's gone too. If in close and re-open the app, there they are.
    Birthday Reminder coming to Calendar?-img_20130791.jpg

    Maybe another OS 10.2 feature? I'm running10.2.0.1371 currently. I guess we'll see come Oct.

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    That would be a good feature for Local contacts.

    I use Outlook.com and my contacts are all synced on there. Outlook.com takes the birthdays in your Contacts and they add it to the Calendar. Then, when the calendar syncs with your Z10, you get the birthday reminders on your Z10
    09-19-13 10:28 AM
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    No way...I just realized this issue this morning and thought I would search the forum to see what I'm doing wrong.

    So when we add birthday in contacts it does not show up in calendar? Is there some sort of work around?

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    10-25-13 08:34 AM
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    Doesn't seem to work... yet but I know what I saw so I'm hoping it's a work in progress. The glitch I was having seems to be gone in the official but maybe something to look forward to in the future.

    Personally, I miss this feature in BBOS. So i hope it's coming to BB10 soon

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