09-23-15 04:35 AM
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  1. TRMP87's Avatar
    I installed a 64gb chip in my z10. This is what I did to be safe.

    Use the adapter that comes with the chip and slide it into the SD card slot on your laptop.

    Then when it shows up in my computer, right click, and properties or format, I forgot which it was but basically you want to format the card to ex fat32 correct?

    After I did that I installed it in my phone and wallah, can't believe I have 45gb of data I normally keep on my pc on my phone with me everywhere I go, how cool eh

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    09-23-15 02:03 AM
  2. muellerto's Avatar
    I say it again: every SD card bigger than 32GB requires an exFAT file system, not FAT32. FAT32 or vfat is for smaller cards. You can create an exFAT file system easily in your BB device. Put the card in and just reformat. There are no options. What the device does is nothing else than putting a proper exFAT filesystem onto it and creating some folders. This card should then also be read- and writeable in every other device or by USB access under the precondition that a valid driver is installed on that other device. Most modern Windowses have this by default and don't struggle. Mac I don't know. Linuxes oftenly require to install the fuse (or fuse-expat or expat-fuse ...) package, this depends on the distribution.
    09-23-15 02:26 AM
  3. hooligan66's Avatar
    Do you have to format a 32gb card? I just jammed a new one into my leap.

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    09-23-15 03:06 AM
  4. muellerto's Avatar
    Do you have to format a 32gb card? I just jammed a new one into my leap.
    Every electronic data medium must carry a formatted file system on it. If you don't need to format an SD card it probably has already a valid file system on it because it was formatted by the manufacturer.
    09-23-15 04:35 AM
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