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    Which BlackBerry device do you think is the best for utilizing its features?

    I ask this because I have had the Passport sconce Nov. '14 and recently went back to using my Q10 when updating my OS. I also recently tried out a Classic for a few days.

    What struck me going back to my Q10 and the Classic was that after being used to the size of the Passport's keyboard and screen. It is why I love the device. I was literally all thumbs on traditional BlackBerry keyboard (Disclosure: been using BlackBerry since 2005 with a short trial with iPhone and Galaxy S2). It took me a good while to settle back into using Alt keys etc... and going to the the fourth row for QWERTY keys. Also, swiping on those smaller screens (though I liked the Classic's larger screen over the Q10) was, or seemed to be for me, less efficient where a button would work. (the addition of assigning keys to functions and apps in 10.3.1 is a plus).

    While I love my Q10 I did like the Classic's toolbelt and preferred the trackpad to the bubble for editing and writing. Yet the smaller screen does not make document and editing creation as easy or as comfortable to do as on the Passport.

    My two cents worth: the Q10 with BlackBerry 10 OS was the best smartphone I'd ever used, but always sort of wanted the toolbelt of my older models for navigation. My purchase of the Passport changed all that and now I cannot imagine going back to smaller screens and a toolbelt. Had the Classic been released prior to the Passport I might have snatched that up but now know I have the right device for using BlackBerry 10 OS for MY NEEDS.

    What able your opinions BlackBerry users? I'd love to hear them and why?

    PS: I have never used BlackBerry 10 OS in a Z model. I really want to hear about that.
    03-14-15 02:43 PM
  2. YeemanBB's Avatar
    I don't believe there is a "best" phone. Each phone addresses different needs.
    I have used a Z10, a Q10, a Z30 and a Passport. I like them all for different reasons. Currently, I am using the Z30 almost exclusively. However, ever since the 10.3.1 update, I am using the Z10 again because it simply makes the Z10 much better and I love to be able to operate the phone with one hand. With the new software, the practical differences between the two phones are screen size and one hand operation.

    My wife is rocking a Passport. She would never tap on glass. She reluctantly gave up her beloved 9900 for the bigger screen.

    There you go. Different stokes for different folks.

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    03-14-15 03:41 PM
  3. Peter Johnson4's Avatar
    Your right. My bad. I guess I was more curios as to what works best for them when using OS10 and why.
    03-14-15 06:55 PM

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