09-16-17 06:27 PM
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  1. elfabio80's Avatar
    Motorola Omni or Maxi. It seemed like one of those big TV remote controllers. It was my first phone.
    Then I had a small but pretty good Panasonic. It lasted me 3 years.
    Then I joined the Nokia party: E 51 and then E71.
    In summer 2010 I purchased my first BlackBerry : 9700; I used it for 3 years.
    Then my favourite all the times....bb 9790. I gave a try also to Motorola Defy, and another android crap from Sony Ericsson.
    Then Z10, Q10, Leap, Passport. Now I am using sometimes Huawei Nova, sometimes Leap or Passport.
    I had also briefly a Lumia 640, and a 650. Pretty nice phones, I Ike Win10M.

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    06-18-17 03:35 AM
  2. Zebra 99's Avatar
    Start from GSM times,

    Nokia 2110 and 8110,
    Nokia 6110
    Nokia 6210
    Nokia 6310
    Nokia E71
    Nokia E72,

    Then start BlackBerry 9780....

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    06-22-17 02:08 AM
  3. kbz1960's Avatar
    Some flip phone
    06-22-17 08:15 AM
  4. brookie229's Avatar
    Palm Pixi Plus. Still works!
    06-22-17 08:53 AM
  5. tiaglog's Avatar
    I've I've blackberries, Windows phone and ios. I love my z30 and will be my last BlackBerry. I'm not going to use Android. Next phone will be an iPhone, but my z30 will be with me at least for more 2 years, I believe.
    06-22-17 09:21 AM
  6. madh263362's Avatar
    Sony, nokia, micromaxx222, micromaxx333, Sony xperia u, BlackBerry Z3, Z30,Q10, Z10

    06-22-17 12:50 PM
  7. BBRYQ10's Avatar
    2000 Motorola Startac Timeport
    2003 LG ?
    2004 Motorola V60
    2005 Motorola Razor
    2006 BlackBerry 8700?
    2008 BlackBerry Curve
    2010 Apple iPhone 4
    2013 BlackBerry Q10
    2014 BlackBerry Passport
    2016 Apple iPhone 7

    I still use my Passport as a tablet and email device. BlackBerry is still the best at email management.
    06-25-17 12:32 AM
  8. southlander's Avatar
    Some kind of flip phone. LG I think.
    06-25-17 01:10 AM
  9. tegar ramadhanu kariadinata's Avatar
    Nokia E90 and nokia comunicator series.
    ericsson and sony ericson
    06-25-17 01:59 AM
  10. littlebuff's Avatar
    My first exposure to a mobile phone was a brick with antenna back in 1993, only for a very short time. Couldn't remember what it was. It belonged to the shop where I did a part time job.
    Then I resisted mobile phone until late 2000 where a Motorola T90i was shoved into my hand and I got robbed at the same time. Before that, I had a few hundreds phone numbers in my head. Since that Motorola, the brain area for phone number had shrunk to a tiny bit.
    After that was an old flip Samsung for a short while till the Motorola RAZ came around. Then I got my first Bold in 2008 or 2009, and stuck with Blackberry since.

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    06-25-17 02:08 AM
  11. EFats's Avatar
    Mostly a string of Sony Ericsson devices, which I really liked. Excellent performance and reliability. Then it all went downhill when I got one running Windows 6.1, great hardware but Windows really, really sucked.
    Switching carriers forced another change, because I so liked Symbian UIQ on the Sony's, I got a Nokia, not realising S40 is quite different. This ranked amongst the most frustrating phones I've ever owned along with the Windows one.
    That's when I got a PlayBook, which led me to a Curve 9360.... and the addiction has only got worse :-)
    06-25-17 11:08 AM
  12. adutchuser's Avatar
    Nokia E7 : nice phone and usable to write proper documents. But the micro USB port was poorly soldered on and kept breaking off.

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    06-25-17 09:16 PM
  13. Gazzathered_1962's Avatar
    I have had a fair few phones too. I think the following is a correct running order...
    Philips BT Cellnet
    Motorola M2328
    Ericsson T10
    Nokia 3310
    Samsung T100
    Motorola A835
    Nokia N70
    Nokia N80
    Nokia 6600
    Skypephone 1&2
    INQ chat 3g
    Sony Xperia X10i
    HTC windows 7
    LG G2
    Sony Z3 Compact
    LG G4
    Blackberry Passport

    Posted via CB10
    06-26-17 07:05 AM
  14. SoundChaser007's Avatar
    Nokia 3320
    iPhone 4
    then PPSE

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    06-26-17 09:54 AM
  15. zhongtiao1's Avatar
    Nokia 2920
    T-Mobile MyTouch 3G
    Samsung Galaxy S Blaze
    T-Mobile MyTouch 3G
    Samsung Galaxy S4
    Blackberry Q5

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    06-27-17 02:07 PM
  16. Niallac's Avatar
    Ericsson SH888
    Ericsson T28
    Sony CMD Z7
    Siemens C35
    Nokia 6310
    Samsung E700
    Samsung SH500i (?) first WAP phone
    Nokia N95
    HTC Hero (UK, Android)
    Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo

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    06-27-17 03:16 PM
  17. terminatorx's Avatar
    Before I got a 9700, I was using a Motorola RAZR flip phone. And before that, just a random slew of varying devices from Nokia, Kyocera, Samsung and going all the way back to the Motorola Startac.
    06-27-17 03:21 PM
  18. Velocitymj's Avatar
    Sony Ericsson P900 which had the Symbian OS.
    It was the first real "smart phone".
    I bought it when it first came out (for $700.00) and that's still my favorite phone that I've owned (I also own an iPhone).
    At the time the P900 blew away every other phone out there.
    BlackBerry didn't even come close to what that phone could do (at that time, Blackberry's were basically a phone for sending emails).
    And it was (as far as I know) the first phone with internet access, although it was so slow it was relatively worthless.
    I used to really look down on BlackBerrys when I had that phone, because it was fast and deep to use.
    But after 7 years I finally had to switch to a new phone.
    I wanted to stay with a pkb and when I bought a Bold 9900, I was very impressed by how deep the OS and the capabilities were.

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    Last edited by Velocitymj; 06-28-17 at 11:43 AM.
    06-27-17 04:40 PM
  19. CrackPriv's Avatar
    All Nokia Communicators
    Danger Sidekick
    Last edited by CrackPriv; 06-29-17 at 02:05 PM.
    06-29-17 01:51 PM
  20. stlabrat's Avatar
    palm zire 72 with wifi insert card.https://www.amazon.com/Palm-P10952U-...UvbUpU12944592

    still have it... priced more than BB10 now.
    06-29-17 02:03 PM
  21. Milla_Mallis's Avatar
    Nokia 6260, N90, N93, N82, E63, E71, E72 until 2010'

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    06-30-17 09:35 AM
  22. Drg84's Avatar
    Wow. Theres a lot more E71s than I expected. And about as many Nokias as I figured. However, Im shocked I seem to be the only person who bought the E6. Call it a hunch, but im guessing that by that point everyone else had either gone Blackberry or Iphone
    09-11-17 01:21 AM
  23. vaspat3's Avatar
    Motorolla 490. Nice slim compact flip phone. Like the razor only half the size. Was solid and durable. Then Curve 8900 was my phone for years. Then Bold 9900, Q10, Classic and finally Passport. Wow 10 years with Blackberry.

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    09-11-17 07:45 AM
  24. hakan duran's Avatar
    Qtek windows

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    09-12-17 02:16 PM
  25. scrannel's Avatar
    Moto Defy. Before, Nokia.
    09-12-17 09:03 PM
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