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    Hi, this question I ask myself the truth is that I get angry a lot. Since updates to BlackBerry PlayBook launch tells updates to your Operating System! Seeking to achieve? I wish? More I want to manage fatigue. I'm using BlackBerry years ago I started using a Pearl, then a curve, go to the Bold and even buy me a PlayBook. Today I have or Z10 and I'm happy. What I have with the official operating system. But I look at the forums and see the improvements of the new OS and the truth that makes me want to have him officially, no filtration. I ask again! What it takes to Launch ua update both ???

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    02-19-15 08:07 AM
  2. tgillan's Avatar
    The PlayBook will not be receiving an update to BlackBerry 10 OS. It has, unfortunately, been officially discontinued and is not support by BlackBerry anymore.

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    02-19-15 08:25 AM
  3. vergiove's Avatar
    Blackberry doesn't support Playbook anymore

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    02-19-15 08:39 AM
  4. LoneStarRed's Avatar
    The PlayBook has been disavowed.

    " I do not think that word means what you think it means. "
    02-19-15 08:46 AM

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