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    Note: this will be about a "locked" Runtime, so is only useful for debug token users.
    Link to BBWorld Android Runtime (OPEN FROM DEVICE)
    Direct DL Android Runtime .132
    Direct DL Android Shell .132
    I was experiencing a lot of connections errors with the 10.2.1 Runtimes. Sometimes it would not work over 3G, sometimes not over WiFi. Some side-loaded apps would crash/cause the phone to reboot. So I decided to reload the OS, and try a few new tweaks.

    Current set-up: OS with .641/.725 Hybrid and Radio
    Installed using the standard methods (auto-loaders + side-loads), and I made sure to reboot when necessary. After this I checked any side-loaded apps, and I still got the connection errors. Then I opened the link to BBWorld for the Android Runtime update, and I found it is "available" for 10.2.1 as well, so I installed it.
    (After reboot wait five to ten minutes for Android Runtime to load!)
    Now I ended up with BlackBerry Runtime "" (EDIT: now also com.android.shell ""). As far as I can tell, now all my Android side-loads are working properly again. No more connection errors, and so far no more crash/reboots! I could not find this written down anywhere yet, so I hope it may help other users.

    [NOTE]Just side-loaded com.android.shell .132 as well, now I no longer have minimize/maximize issues.
    When minimizing/maximizing an Android port/side-load I need to press the back button/swipe back once, to refresh the screen. Otherwise it looks frozen, but it is not! That is the only issue I now have.[NOTE]
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    Thanks for this information. It will help many people, I am sure!
    11-07-13 11:55 AM
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    So apps that need to have debug etc work with this method?

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    11-07-13 12:33 PM
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    Yes, all the apps I have are installed with the debug method, and with the .132 Runtime I no longer get any connection errors.
    I updated the OP with direct download links to the Android Runtime and Android Shell for .132 I found in another topic.
    11-07-13 12:52 PM

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