12-01-17 11:50 AM
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    Where is the official statement from Chen? " BB10 will no longer be supported by BlackBerry" " no more support" " BB10 10.3.4 has been scrapped"... Chen are hiding? Are you there?

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    BB10's focus has largely been on enterprise since BB Android launched, it was announced at the time and similar statements have been made over the years.

    Chen wouldn't commit to saying that we'll never see another BB10 device again, but he noted that the market for BB10 devices has been squarely in the high-security business, such as governments and hospitals. BlackBerry will continue to support those customers with software updates, but since they don't upgrade their devices very often, the impetus to come out with new hardware often is low.

    For regular users BlackBerry services (BBID, BB World, etc) still work and are supported and we see the odd update and fix every now and then but they've been clear on priorities.
    12-01-17 11:50 AM
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