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    Is anyone else having this issue, where you go back into a chat when you click on the text field and the keyboard comes up the text field is hidden by the the action bar. If you minimize the keyboard, you can see it again. Just doesn't make it inoperable just very difficult to confirm what you are typing and very difficult to correct mistakes.
    this of course is the latest BBM ( update running on a leaked OS on a Z10 STL100-3. The work around is to turn off show action bar with keyboard. This is not desirable especially on Z10 that has a little extra screen real estate. Anybody else notice this and have a different fix?

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    06-20-14 07:01 AM
  2. moody's Avatar
    Yes we have same issue and as of right now hiding action bar is only fix.

    Z30STA100-3/ & Q10SQN100-2/
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    06-20-14 07:32 AM

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