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    Hi there..

    It happened that I switched using BBM from BB Leap to BB Priv using my BBID (used on the Leap) and all was OK.. I got a perfect switch with chats history and contacts... now : I was returning back to using BBM on my LEAP and wanted to switch again.. I always get a "server error" and no other option is available to open with a new ID... contacted BBM Support and after about 20 emails : I got a solution to just forget about this device (Leap) and use another device!!!!!
    Now.. I need to just delete BBM totally from that Leap and reinstall again with new credentials... I don't know how cause as you know it is a preloaded app on BB devices... I can't even clear data as advised as a "might work solution"
    Is there a kind of developer here who can help me with deleting BBM from that Leap???

    Posted via CB10
    01-18-18 10:53 AM
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    Please continue in your earlier thread and stop making new ones about the same problem.
    01-18-18 10:56 AM

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