1. dirksqjaw's Avatar
    Hello all,

    After over an hour of searching these and the official blackberry forums, I'm stumped. I've seen this issue from those switching from BB6 to BB7, and the fix was to go back to BB6 apparently, which is less than helpful for me with a BB10 phone.

    I have an existing BBID, I'm switching from a 9900. I install BB link and do the whole phone switch thing, copy all data/info/pics/whatever over from the 9900. No problem. I'm connecting to an exchange server through activesync which works sometimes, but kicks me regularly and I have to re-enter my password to re-connect (but that's a separate issue).

    Phone works, browser works, everything works as far as I can see. I go to setup BBM and I just get "Associating BBM with your BlackBerry ID". And that's it. Forever.

    I've found another message in these forums posted awhile ago saying the same thing, as well as one on the official blackberry boards, but neither were replied too, so I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this and know of a possible fix? The new BB10 doesn't permit you to delete a core app, such as BBM, like the older OS's did, so going that route won't work.

    I'm part of a UAG (user acceptance group) trialing the new BB platform for my company, so I want to give this device and OS a full legit shot, but to do that, I'd really like the full functionality of the phone. I know this isn't a wide spread issue, else there would be more than three people seen so far screaming about it, so just curious if there is any other experiences with this. Many thanks.

    02-16-13 08:04 AM
  2. robtanz's Avatar
    I seem to recall specifically associating my bbm with my bbid on my 9900 a while back. Perhaps this has to be done prior. Also recall several updatez to bbid in the past couple months. Perhaps this also bad to bedone????Justguessing.
    02-17-13 03:44 AM
  3. CDM76's Avatar
    If I was in your shoes I'd be on the phone to BlackBerry. I would hope that the 'new and improved' BlackBerry will be helpful and walk you through this issue. Good Luck.
    02-17-13 04:36 AM
  4. dirksqjaw's Avatar
    Ok, discovered what the issue was. For whatever reason, the problem is that I tried to pull my contacts from my BBID instead of just hitting "continue". I did a restore on the phone as you cannot uninstall and reinstall BBM (Core app in BB10). The restore and re-setup also cleared my activesync issues, so now that's rock solid as well.

    If this makes no sense to anyone - when you first get the phone, and you go to set up your BBM, it has two options (well, three but one is phone switch which was grayed out for me as it wasn't connected to Link) - They are, paraphrasing, migrate contacts using existing BBID, or simply "continue". If you press continue, you get this ominous warning that if you do this, you'll /never/ be able to migrate old contacts using BBID. Well, since the BBID wasn't working anyway, I just hit continue and viola - up and running no problem. I had to re-invite contacts but since activesync pulled my outlook contacts down, this was 5 minute process and an hour or so later, all my contacts responded and I'm good to go.

    Theorizing why this is - For whatever reason, I never updated to BBM 7. Whether I had the option and didn't, or whatever, I was on BBM 6.x so I never associated my BBID with BBM. Now why that would cause this error as opposed to a message popping up saying "Sorry bub, you have no contacts.", no idea - but there it is. Just a theory. But I'm up and running 100%, contacts, calendars, email, and now BBM.

    Once Whatsapp releases their BB10 package, I'm set.

    All in all, after the teething issues initially, I'm pretty pleased with the phone. Surprisingly so. Now to order a Vaja case .

    Thanks all for the suggestions.

    02-19-13 01:30 PM
  5. veryyconfused's Avatar
    Hi, I have a problem with associating BBM with my Blackberry ID too! The annoying message is perpetually on the screen and I have read several threads claiming that downgrading to BBM 6 is the solution. But how do I do this?! I've searched for BBM 6 on Blackberry App World and can only find the most recent version. I'd appreciate any help or advice anyone can give me! Thanks
    03-05-13 04:48 PM
  6. Pierre Goulet's Avatar

    I had a BB Curve for 2 years, with BBM associated with my BBID. Never used BBM, never entered any contacts.

    Switched to BB Z10 a month ago. The BBM never completed the setup process (stalling on "associating BBM ..." step 2 of 3 I believe).

    Read on forums, searched the issue online and I tried: security wipe, battery removal, contacted my carrier, check what plan I had (was a simple data plan, no BIS).

    Then the solution I found for me: from a PC, in browser, created a NEW BB ID. Then from BlackBerry Link, restored phone to factory defaults and once done, proceeded to personalize phone with my NEW BB ID. Solved my probleme - BB Messenger now works fine. Bought a 2nd time the apps I was using. So low a cost per app that it just makes sense to just back back instead of looking for a way to transfer from old BB ID to new BB ID.

    Hope this helps.

    PS My carrier never offered me this solution. And I never read it anywhere on forums.
    03-23-13 12:40 PM
  7. themonkster's Avatar
    After having the “Associating BBM with your Blackberry ID” message for three days on my brand new Z10, and speaking on the phone to T-Mobile 4 times, and blackberry 5 times and 3 visits to the store including purchasing a new/replacement sim on the same contract (advised by the store), and a tech support ticket opened with Blackberry and closed by them telling me to take the phone back to the store because it must be faulty, which wasn't at all helpful as it clearly wasn't an issue with the device, it was a software or BBID problem. So I decided to try another (and in retrospect simpler) method………

    I did a factory reset/security wipe (again), to clear the device completely and then setup again, but this time without the sim card in the device, and ignoring/swiping past all of the setup wizard to just get me a Z10 with wifi, but no BBID on the device and no mobile data (no sim card in the device). I then opened BBM and was prompted for my BBID which I entered and got a message stating “your BBID associated with another device” (I didn’t get this message using the wizard), “do I want to switch”, I confirmed to switch and it took a short while, but then voila, it dragged over all my contacts (but not chats, which I wasn’t expecting). I then did the rest of the setup, e-mails, apps etc and everything works just fine.

    Obviously there is a problem with the setup wizard, which seems to work fine when setting up a brand new device and new BBID, but not when it’s a new device and old/existing BBID.

    Hope this helps anyone suffering the same problem and like me not getting any help at all from BB, their carrier or the store. Who ever said “the customer is king” obviously hasn’t experienced todays the ICT world ;-)
    12-30-13 03:01 PM
  8. eshaal's Avatar
    on this my id
    03-13-15 11:11 AM

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