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    Using this link
    I entered the email account that is my BlackBerry ID and completed the captcha. No email would show up.

    I went into SpamAssassin and white listed everything from blackberry.com. I initiated the password recovery again. Now the email would show up on my BlackBerry and then immediately vanish. It would be there for a flash.

    Logging into the email via a web browser, the message from BlackBerry was there, and I reset the password.

    What I can't explain is the email from BlackBerry just showing up for a flash.

    Needless to say this was a major time sink, so hopefully somebody can benefit from my experience.

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    06-17-15 04:04 AM
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    Thanks, good to know for those with similar issue.
    06-17-15 04:25 AM
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    I think I discovered a security trick that BlackBerry uses regarding sending the reset message.

    I believe bb email has some security feature that detects the reset email being downloaded and blocks it. That is, the email will show up on other devices but not your BlackBerry.

    Besides seeing the reset email (that is, the message with the link to reset your bbid password) on a device other than your phone, I loaded a 3rd party email client (K9mail) on my BlackBerry . Using K9mail, the message with the reset link in it can be downloaded.

    Thus the stock BlackBerry email program is blocking the reset email.

    If the mods are reading this, perhaps a subject line change is in order. Maybe "essential information about reseting your BlackBerry ID password."

    It never occurred to me that the BlackBerry email would block a message.

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    06-18-15 01:59 AM

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