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    Hey all, I am hoping someone can offer some insight into this. I work for a company that has been a Blackberry environment for years and years. We are running BES in our own environment. I am one of two BES Admins. We upgraded to BB10 devices when they came out and have had no real issues with them. We use Blackberry Balance, so all our devices have both the work and personal profiles on them. Our somewhat out of date BES 10.2 has been able to keep up with features like Blend (for the most part) and all is well.

    BUT...when Blackberry brought in the security features with OS 10.3.2 we encountered an issue. When an employee leaves our company and returns their phone, we cannot redeploy it if the employee doesn't tell us the BBID they set up on the device. There are three scenarios we have encountered: 1) the employee leaves on their own volition or at our insistence, provides us the BBID password, we wipe the phone, all is well. 2) the employee leaves, but cannot recall the password for BBID because they havent re-entered it since day 1, 3) the employee leaves at our insistence and is not communicating the password to us. So, I ask some questions:

    1) Is there a "best practice" someone can recommend as to how to manage this feature in an enterprise environment? My recommendation to the guy who reports to me and manages these devices was to set up the BBID using the corporate email and selecting a password we can track.

    2) Is there a way we, as the owners of these devices, can get around the BBID lock out?

    Right now, we have about 15 perfectly good devices that have come back to us due to turnover that did not come with the BBID password for whatever reason and now are basically paperweights or doorstops.

    01-04-16 03:19 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Have you contacted your BlackBerry technical support or your account manager?
    01-04-16 03:40 PM
  3. James Blight's Avatar
    Yes. Account Manager from BB is still being followed up with...but our rep has changed recently. We have a ticket open with TELUS as well.
    01-04-16 04:03 PM
  4. Rodney Wilder's Avatar
    I always make the users setup bbid using corporate email. So far never had an issue. Of course if you allow installing personal apps from BlackBerry world, they will usually need the bbid password, which in turn means they can simply login to bbid itself and change the email. corporate email doesn't really help with their personal recovery question though so that's something else to keep in mind as you would need to control that too and of course keep each one different.

    As far as I know, If you prove ownership of device, BlackBerry support can release from the locked account. I've never had need to request though so cannot verify 100%

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    01-05-16 12:00 AM

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