1. Fahad Shafiq's Avatar
    Okay, this is my experience for Z10 and BB10
    I have used nokia symbian, imate, BB bold even android and iphone.

    1. TO start things of, this is my first full touch screen exp and I LOVE IT though I will buy Q10 due to qwerty physical keyboard. Now issues with iphone, only ios apps and no innovation. nothing new and it has way a lot of issues. in 2007 it was released in 2010 it had 38% market and 2 years later it had 18% which stands at 15% hardly. So its falling, people dont like same thing for that long. ios is slow when it comes to downloading apps and thats why they are putting so much speed to boost that. secondly Iphone is lame. NO HUB or flow. I love the swipping, in iphone i press a single button for every stupid function

    2. Android. A BIG TIME SAMSUNG FAN yet wont buy android ever again. buggier os but above all it looks kiddish. and those who have it i know you know its for kids yet you wont admit, neither did it. As i said a big time samsung fan but android is one time use only

    3. I was buying iphone yet bought Z10. I love swipping exp as going back is really easy. in 2007 when iphone was released within the same time span of 1 year they had 140,000 apps, the same which BB 10 has in app world in same time span.
    in 1997 apple was bleeding money and was kicking out its staff, same BB is doing. 99% people think BB10 uses BIS and are not buying it for that reason. i was paying BIS when i didnt need to. Blackberry needs to address such issues and talk with all carriers to stop charging BIS for z10 and also make if official for all via marketing.
    THey also need to promote BB10 features that they arent. I am really happy with my z10, best phone i have used.
    11-01-13 03:20 PM
  2. qbnkelt's Avatar
    Good to know you're happy with your Z!!!! Ultimately you should use what works for you, and it's great to know you found a device that suits. Use it in good health!!!
    11-02-13 06:38 AM

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