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    So a friend of mine showed me this awesome video on Youtube where a 360 camera was used and you can move your phone around to look at different things in the video while the video is playing.

    I thought this was so awesome, so I decided to try it out on my Q5 (10.3.1), but no luck, it was not supported. Also tried on my Leap (10.3.2) , but alas, still didn't work.

    Anyone know if BlackBerry will support this in future updates?

    Thanks for any answers in advance. Peace!

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    06-21-15 12:58 AM
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    YouTube says it's working to get it on Apple' iOS devices, and on other platforms later.
    - The Verge -

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    06-21-15 01:29 AM
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    Good to know that Blackberry cant do anything and its up to 'Youtube" to support them. Hopefully we get support before windows Phone.

    Blackberry 10
    06-21-15 01:58 AM

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