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    It finally dawned on me. Everyone knows that the alien mind-rays cannot penetrate the tinfoil that we make hats out of. So they had to find another way to intercept our thoughts, our secrets, our desires, in order to overtake us and claim our planet for their own. But BB10, it was the most secure, superior OS ever, and THAT'S A FACT. So not only could the aliens not read our minds, they could not access our phones either!

    Enter Google. Everyone knows that Google mines all your data, watches you through your selfie camera, and sells it to Putin. You think they aren't selling it to the aliens too? FOOL! Google will sell it to anyone who pays. That's what evil data mining companies do.

    But smart, savvy, superior BlackBerry users shunned Google, and thus were immune to all the aliens' attempts to get their personal data. So a nefarious plan was hatched to get Google into BlackBerry!

    Yes, you know him. John. Friggin. Chen. Trojan Horse. Or should I say, MARTIAN Horse! But before the crafty aliens could get their underling into BlackBerry, they had to lay the foundation. The aliens launched a massive anti-BB10 campaign. They brainwashed the simpletons in carrier stores, as well as the braindead sheeple already using analdroid and icrap phones. Simple minds are easily overcome, as we superior BB10 uses well know. They were instructed to pass over this new powerful, secure OS and to keep buying the icrapdroid phones that already controlled their inferior little brains. As if that wasn't enough, they made their underlings at Qualcomm discontinue the mighty Snapdragon S4, which we all know was the most powerful SOC ever made because it was the only one capable of running BB10! Sneaky alien scum!

    So little by little, BB10 marketshare slid until it simply showed up as "other" on all the graphs. You had better believe those nefarious aliens were creating those graphs with a pirated copy of Office 2010!

    And then it happened. Valiant Thor was deposed in an extraterrestrial-backed coup, and John. Friggin. Chen. was instated as CEO. His plans to kill BB10 and replace it with Google were put into motion almost immediately. Sure the Martian Horse released a few more BB10 phones, but it was part of the illusion to make the BB10 loyalists, the smartest humans on earth, believe that maybe he cared. Ha! As if!

    Now, BB10 is dead, and all future phones with a BlackBerry logo on them will have Google. We can only protect ourselves by continuing to wear our tinfoil helmets and buy up whatever remaining BB10 phones we can get our hands on. the Resistance is weakening, but so long as even one BB10 phone can get an LTE signal, we will never die!

    This is how BB10 died. And THAT'S A FACT.
    03-08-17 08:33 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Is was not the Martians..... they are from Alpha Beta Three!
    03-08-17 08:38 AM
  3. Ecm's Avatar
    03-08-17 08:46 AM

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