1. jng0705's Avatar
    I've a Classic running on a Virgin Mobile 4G contract and the phone does not recognise 4G. Whenever I select the network with a 4G option the phone reverts to the 3G & 2G option.
    The 2 things Virgin have suggested haven't worked (inc a change of the SIM) and the issue has been raised by a couple people in VM community forums - still no answer. Any thoughts?
    03-11-17 02:07 PM
  2. thurask's Avatar
    Which model Classic is it?
    03-11-17 02:22 PM
  3. AluminiumRims's Avatar
    Maybe Virgin is using a band that the Classic doesn't support in your area. Is it the same regardless if you travel to another location?

    Try another SIM from another operator in order to check if 4G works.
    03-11-17 03:41 PM
  4. GodGibson's Avatar
    I have raised the issue with virgin mobile UK.
    It's a virgin 4G issue and the phones will work with all other 4G networks in the UK apart from virgin.
    They are working on getting this fixed as virgin use the EE signal for the network and 4G works fine on this.
    Go over to the virgin mobile forums and you will see 4G isn't working on any bb10 devices they are working on fixing this so you will have to wait until this is fixed thank you.

    It's not a device issue it's a problem with the way virgin have setup there 4G network bb10 only detects it as 3G compatible.

    You can check my thread here

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    03-13-17 10:14 AM

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