1. heading4tomorrow's Avatar
    I noticed that my new classic won't correct simple typos like alwasy into always.
    Does a new BB10 device need some time before it can start auto-fixing words? It seems I have to tap on underlined words a lot more on my Classic than I do on my Z30. On my Z30, I don't care about how I spell the words, and on most cases I don't even have to correct myself if I misspell it because I trust my Z30 will fix it. For some reason Classic is not doing that, couple that with lack of swipe-to-delete function, it's rally annoying.
    06-16-15 07:28 PM
  2. rowaco2014's Avatar
    I have both a Z10 and a Q10 and I've had a similar experience. Auto Correct is awesome on the Z10, but hardly ever does anything at all on the Q10, even though I have auto correct on space bar turned on. The experience of typing on the Q10 is so bad, with its non-existent auto correct and its hypersensitive keys that spit out double and triple letters that I'd rather deal with the handwriting recognition on the original Newton MessagePad.

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    06-16-15 07:54 PM
  3. heading4tomorrow's Avatar
    I am not sure why it's behaving that way, is it because we have a physical keyboard? That should not matter, in fact it makes it more difficult to edit our words afterwards, so it should be more likely to fix it for us compared to virtual keyboard. It's making me work even slower because I could type like lightning on Z30 not caring about typos, but now I have to watch what I am typing..
    06-17-15 12:01 AM
  4. BeetrootJulip's Avatar
    I think auto correct is dumbed down in BlackBerry devices with physical keyboards. The assumption is that you will be more accurate with a keyboard so need less help from auto correct. Makes sense, sorta....

    Posted via CB10
    06-17-15 06:39 AM

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